Short ‘n’ Stubby: Subversives-R-Us


Interesting (and disturbing) truths have come to light about CBS and McCarthyism. Who knew that a blacklister could win a civil rights award? This is right up there with Elia Kazan being honored after naming names. (Thanks to King Daevid for that one.)

Víctor Jara finally received due honors in his native Chile today. Cause of death: “Subversion”. Jara, a card-carrying communist, supported socialist president Salvador Allende (also murdered for “subversion”). 44 bullets and two destroyed hands–that’s a lot of hate for one man’s freedom of speech.

Human rights observer Lisa Sullivan commits the ultimate subversion: she reports truthfully on what’s really going on in “democratic” Honduras.

Oh noes, Chavecito has called for a fifth Socialist International! Gonna take a lot more than an ice-pick murder to stop this one…

And how’s this for subversive and communistic? FEDECAMARAS, the Venezuelan bosses’ federation that conspired with the military high command and corrupt trade unionists in 2002 to topple Chavecito…has come out in support of his interventions in the banking sector. Chavecito called for intervention in four banks, and liquidation of two more, for failing to comply with Venezuelan legal norms–and FEDECAMARAS is okay with that? Sky falling, film at 11!

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