Smart on crime means tough on Tories

Don’t know who made this video, but I can totally get behind it. It’s bang-on…on every point.

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2 Responses to Smart on crime means tough on Tories

  1. Sprekakhan says:

    This is the most bogus video i think i have ever seen about Canadian politics. I am Canadian, i do not support the Cons, and i generally believe in gun control laws (although our system has been wasting most of our money through their backwards mandate of them). But still this is a bogus video full of Con hating. This does a dis-service to all those who are REALLY trying to get someone else in power. Whoever made this should have done a better job, and next time please do, so every other person dosn’t have to have this crap associated with them when they support what are legitimate issues (Gun control, fighting manditory mins, supporting Canadian rights, etc.)
    as i said, i don’t support the tories at all, but i would hate for this video to represent these facts.

  2. If you’re not a SupposiTory supporter, why waste so much time and energy dissing a perfectly factual video that exposes the truth about them? Dude, next time you get the urge to show up late to the party here, try making sense and taking a COHERENT position, wouldja please?

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