Spies and lies flying over Venezuela

Chavecito denounces the unmanned US drone spotted flying over Venezuela, clearly launched from Colombia.

It’s worth noting how he (and his audience) stress that this is not a fight against Colombia, because there is a large Colombian immigrant community in Venezuela, and there are close ties between the two countries. The fight is against the sender of the spy plane, and the Uribe government which allowed this blatant violation of sovereignty.

And no, he’s not paranoid. Eva Golinger reports that anti-Venezuela activities are escalating.

There is also evidence that the Dutch government is also involved since it granted permission for the US Fourth Fleet (which Obama has not recalled!) to use bases in the Dutch Antilles, lying just off the Venezuelan coast. Why would the Dutch government do such a thing? Three words, people: Royal Dutch Shell. Do you seriously think one of the world’s largest oil companies doesn’t stand to profit immensely from conflict with one of the countries where it’s doing business, and on terms not so favorable to itself anymore? Shell is still butthurt over the back taxes it was forced to pay if it wanted to go on doing business. It’s also not above murdering anyone who gets in its way. Does anyone seriously believe the Dutch government would not jump at the chance to force unwanted regime change upon Venezuela? They’ve done so in the past. I think you can guess why.

That’s why we should all be very skeptical when we hear the Dutch goverment acting all injured about things like this. It is not the injured party at all. It is an aggressor. As is the Colombian government, which is openly corrupt–and, like the Dutch, stands to profit from its own prostration to US and corporate interests.

And that’s why we have this ultra-cynical campaign of spying, crying, flying and lying going on over Venezuela.

Any questions?

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