Updates to the Herrera child-stealing case


Marcela Herrera, suspected to be an illegally adopted child of the Dirty War, preparing to submit to DNA testing to help determine her true parentage. Story from Telesur, via Aporrea:

The federal police of San Isidro, Buenos Aires province, Argentina, raided the homes of the two adopted children of Ernestina de Noble Herrera on Wednesday.

Herrera is owner of the Clarín media corporation, one of the largest in Argentina.

With this operation, the police attempted to collect “scattered cells from the bodies” of Felipe and Marcela, the children of the businesswoman. According the the news agency Telam, quoting judicial sources, the procedure was performed on Wednesday morning, in accordance with the order of the judge presiding over the case, Conrado Bergesio.

The same sources stated that the samples would serve to “establish bases of compatibility.”

This was confirmed by the attorney of the two young people, Jorge Anzorreguy, who added that the authorities removed “toothbrushes and hairbrushes” from the homes of his clients.


Ernestina Herrera, the widow of the founder of the Clarín newspaper for some 30 years, said that in 1976, she found two abandoned babies on the doorstep of her house. In 1985, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo began to receive the first denunciations that the list of children stolen from prisoners of the junta should also include Felipe and Marcela.

The mothers of the disappeared, Estela Gualdaro and Mara Amelia Herrera de Miranda, submitted demands to try to get back their kidnapped grandchildren, suspected to have been taken by the Noble Herrera family. But the case did not become active until, in 2001, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo entered themselves as plaintiffs.

A year after that, the federal judge Roberto Marquevich detained Herrera de Noble for 66 hours on a charge of falsification of documents for the adoption of her children. Businesspeople, journalists, politicians, unionists, bishops and judges exercised pressure over the detention. In 2003, the jurist was removed from the case and 12 months later, dismissed by the Council of the Magistrature, which allegedly found irregularities in the detention of the most powerful media owner in Argentina.

After the arrest of their adoptive mother, Felipe and Marcela agreed to submit to a DNA test in 2003.

In 2009, the Congress approved a law that made it possible for DNA tests to be performed in the National Genetic Data Bank. However, on Monday, Judge Bergesio ordered that the genetic compatibility tests be done by the Medical Forensics Body.

Translation mine.

Notice that the story seems to have changed a bit from the other day. Now Ernestina Herrera claims she found both babies on her doorstep? And all these powerful individuals “intervened” on her behalf, to the extent of getting a judge fired just for detaining her? The hinkitude is strong in this one.

Watch your back, Judge Bergesio.

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