You can never trust those feckin’ old ladies…

…except to make you laugh until you wet yourself.

Gawd, I hope they put this on the telly.

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4 Responses to You can never trust those feckin’ old ladies…

  1. deBeauxOs says:

    Written and performed with great joy and irreverence by a man, too!

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    This is, if not the funniest, then in the top 5 funniest clips of all time. I would really love to see this completely. I hope they do put it on television, even if it isn’t ETV, I’d suffer through commercials for this. Mrs. Brown certainly has a luvly daughter as well as a tongue that can cut sulfuric acid, yet be the most naive thing about. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I’m still laughing over the orgasm vignette. I thought that the “When Harry Met Sally” orgasm scene was the best ever, but this equals it or maybe tops it!

  3. I hope they bring this to Toronto, AND put it out on DVD. I’d snap up copies for so many people…

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