Amazing! CNN reports positively on Cuban doctors, for a change

Finally, the Chicken Noodle Network reports something in a way that’s not so chicken-noodly. Steve Kastenbaum shows Cuban and Cuban-trained Latin American medical crews at work, saving lives in Haiti. They were able to set up their field hospitals in very short order, thanks to the fact that Cuban healthcare has long been geared to providing emergency aid on a large scale; Cuba, like Haiti, is heavily prone to natural disasters, as well as the constant threat of invasion from just ninety miles offshore. They are also used to providing troops and medics to poor countries abroad, such as Angola. The fact that their doctors can provide quality care on a shoestring budget isn’t news to me, or to Michael Moore, but it’s apparently astonishing to CNN and their usual audience, who have few if any good impressions about Cuban medicine.

Now that the US is finally aware of how dedicated the Cubans really are to nonprofit medicine, will the Venezuelan oppos realize that the Cuban doctors treating the poor in THEIR country are for real?

(Thanks to my friend Corey for directing me to the video.)

PS: By way of contrast, look what El Duderino has found on the way the US is handling their “aid” mission. Leaves a lot to be desired compared to Cuba, no?

PPS: Also, Greg Palast is God.

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13 Responses to Amazing! CNN reports positively on Cuban doctors, for a change

  1. As you say, finally! However, this cynic has to wonder when that tape was played. Likely overnight, out of prime time.

  2. Probably…but hey, as long as we’ve got the Internets, someone is bound to see. And let’s hope more of them see it here.

  3. What is going on over there the Americans seem like they are more interested in being a occupying power than helping the people I heard there was two planes sent from Mexico with medical supplies refused permission to land by the American military who now decide who and what comes into the country what is there agenda????

  4. I think you hit it on the head…the US wants to control the region, not so much help the stranded locals. It’s despicable, but they’ve been salivating over the prospect for years, as Naomi Klein points out…it’s another chance to apply that epic failure of a Shock Doctrine. This is how they plan to get Haiti into permanent debt so it will never truly be free. If they cared about freedom, they could make sure within five years that the country has an infrastructure that enables it to bounce back fast, but that’s not in their interests. They’d rather keep them in substandard housing and without working hospitals.

  5. So is it there agenda just to control this small country, Is there something other than this they want like in the case of Iraq&Iran they have the power supply,in Afghanistan they have untapped mineral resources.You would think that a stable Haiti would be good for the region and good for America.

  6. Slave Revolt says:

    That Obama actually knows the history and is either too timid or too cynical to change course speaks volumns about his presidency.
    He´s is carrying out the war-mongering, far right, imperialist policies that define the US in the world.
    Sorry, I am a bit over people making excuses for Obama being a feckless whimp with no moral or ethical compass.
    But…but he´s ´black´, blah, blah, blah
    By the way, one on-line news source that likes to preen about how he..err…they is so authentic consistently censors any and all comments that are critical of the reporting or the god Obama. And it is not just me but dozens whose voice is eliminated. How totally authentic.

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  8. Now that’s a new one on me. But hilarious. Doesn’t the military censor all outgoing mail?

  9. Anthony says:

    That’s pretty much the giveaway right there. One would think they had a military e-mail domain in the U.S. Army, instead of Yahoo Hong Kong.
    Oh, but I’m just being redundant again. 🙂

  10. Maybe that’s their way of getting around the .mil censors?

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  12. Ruairi, you got it. Anyone who tries to get Evo killed–and yes, I count Shell among the perps, they had pipelines in Bolivia before Evo started nationalizing ’em–is an enemy as I see it.

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