Chilean fascist youth–what charm, what class…

This was taken just after Sebastián “Pinochet Jr.” Piñera won by a narrow margin (and the abstention of a third of the Chilean electorate) on the second round on the 17th. Here’s how these fine young fascists decided to show their dignity and respect for the other guys…

According to a video on YouTube, these followers are not content with chants such as “Take your seat, take your seat, President Piñera”, and let out barnyard noises such as this: “Communists, faggots, we killed your parents because they were lazy.”

There was no shortage of hoorays for the ex-dictator, and chants such as “General Pinochet, this triumph’s for you”. Referring to the coup d’état of September 11, 1973, they chanted: “With Allende we built a big bridge for Augusto [Pinochet] and his heroes to pass over.”

Translation mine.

Notice, too, where they chose to give this little serenade. The balcony they’re yelling at is decorated with a banner of Che Guevara.

Nothing like a little petty triumphalism to show what you’re really made of, eh?

And the comments at the YouTube site tell just how a lot of other Chileans really feel:

“How different is Santiago from Montevideo. In Santiago, we have those nostalgic for fascism, and in Montevideo, a Communist president-to-be. Why don’t those buddies in the video come and tour Montevideo with their little songs and slogans–we’ll treat them very well, like tourists. HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS TO LIVE IN MONTEVIDEO!”

“How embarrassing for me to be a Chilean…these people are demented.”

“The people of Chile have always been intelligent, in general. They’ll realize in four years that this is not the way, nor is it the example the Chileans have given for all of Latin America, and the waters will return to their source.”

“What low-class people I see here, how they’ve lost their dignity, sold themselves for 40 shekels…”

“Thank GOD I’m not like them, and would never make fun of the dead or the suffering of the families of the victims. I’m so glad to be on the side I’m on!”

“How disgusting…oh well…countries get the governments they deserve, and democracy is abiding by the decision of the majority even if they elect a clown for president. I’m ashamed to see these images.”

“Disrespectful shits, you don’t play around with human lives! And they call themselves Christians?”

“I hope I can remember every one of those faces and meet them on the street.”

Translations mine.

Uh-oh. Something tells me Piñera is in for a rough ride these next four years–the comments I selected are very typical of the responses to the video. Those widdle Pinoshitters had better pray that no one who saw and commented on this video will remember their faces. That is, if they still dare to call themselves Christians…

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8 Responses to Chilean fascist youth–what charm, what class…

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Bina…thanks for this I quite enjoyed it. Not the little fascist bastards, although at least we see them for what they are.
    But this part: Que lindo es vivir en Montevideo. Although I would add: Que lindo es vivir en Punta del Este… 🙂

  2. Hi, Simon…yeah, Punta de Este is the fancier part of town, no doubt. But Montevideo is still looking pretty good right now. They’re about to inaugurate a former guerrilla who looks like a friendly garden gnome. Should be fun!

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, this is the dominant mentality of the rightwing. Look at some of the comments that support the coup in Honduras. They claim that they have majority support of the people.
    The rightwing sees an inordinate amount of severe delusion. Money allows people to be insulated from reality.
    These Chileans really are vile, spoiled bastards.

  4. These ones certainly are. It’s always those who are best off who support the worst candidates. If things really do go to shit in Chile as I fear they will, they’ll be on the first plane to Miami. The rest will be left to pick up the pieces yet again…

  5. Anthony says:

    It’s interesting to see what Mujica and Piñera have done since being elected as Presidents:
    Mujica travels to Argentina to discuss with President Kirchner and the governor of Entre Rios Province about the situation with the Finnish-Swedish pulp mill in Fray Bentos and the following bridge protests in Gualeguaychu, located in Entre Rios.
    And Piñera? He’s talking shit about Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, even being scolded by the current minister of exterior relations! Of course, try and tell that to the Libre República numbnuts in the video above, still dreaming of the bad old days when Piñochet was in power.
    So, one burns bridges, and the other one builds bridges since the existing ones are blocked, so to speak. 🙂

  6. Yep…and something tells me that Pepe’s also gonna be friends with Chavecito in the end, while Piñera just gives himself an ulcer over it all. He already looks like he’s got a fair few.

  7. Anthony says:

    Yeah, I recall that Chavez and Lula endorsed Mujica days before the run-off elections last November, and they later got to meet at the Mercosur summit in Montevideo. So I definitely imagine Pepe maintaining good relations with Chavez and others on the same team (Evo, Lugo, et al).
    Oh, and if Piñera does an Uribe and runs off to the sunset when Chavez is in the same room, I’m going to laugh my ass off.

  8. Me too! LOL.
    Plus, there’s a good chance that Pepe might want to take a closer look at the ALBA. Venezuela needs beef, and stopped importing it from Colombia (which really chaps Uribe’s ass, you can bet on it.) Uruguay produces it. Uruguay has natural gas deposits offshore, still waiting to be developed. Venezuela is turning out top-notch gas engineers who could help them with that.
    The one hand could easily wash the other, as my mom might say…

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