Doonesbury nails the iPad


God damn, never mind all the other bells and whistles. Just give me those panini!

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  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    I suspect (and sincerely hope) that Apple has just done for the publishing industry what their iPod and iTunes Music Store did for the music industry.
    If they have the equivalent of a podcast for ebooks, then this could be a new boom for magazines. And with colour it blows existing ebooks (like the Kindle) out of the water. I imagine magazine publishers will be happy too with the option to sell video ad space in their publications to make it even more profitable for them.
    With the magazine industry falling apart the way it has lately this could be just the thing to help publishers rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix.

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    Agreed! To Hell with any of the other stuff, I want FOOD!!!
    Oops! I think my doctor might have heard that. Sigh!

  3. I hope it doesn’t auto-delete books (without permission!) after a certain time, like the Kindle does. That got Amazon a lot of complaints, and rightly so. Imagine a book just going poof in your hands as you’re reading it!

  4. Manaat says:

    As long as we are on food and shopping and stuff, so the French mother company that is the majority shareholder of the “Exito” Chain wants to make peace (they apparently pretty much admitted that the Vzlan chain was jacking up prices without good reason).
    Now how many column inches did we see the last few weeks on this? Like, BBC and every damn blahhhh

  5. Oh, but of course. They only print vicious rumors, never retractions. And certainly never above the fold on page 1…

  6. Ben Gruagach says:

    I seriously doubt that Apple will do anything like encourage expiry dates on ebooks. They were the ones to champion removing DRM from songs sold in the iTunes Music Store. (And even when they did have DRM on songs they sold, because the record companies insisted on it, Apple conveniently provided ways for consumers to un-DRM the files by doing an easy-peasy burn to CD trick.)
    The fact that Apple chose to support the open-source and popular EPUB format for the ebooks they’re going to sell should also be an indication that they’re on the side of consumers. And consumers who buy Apple devices aren’t locked in to using just the Apple ereader application, or buying content from the Apple store. There are already other ereader programs available (often with their own stores for content) for the iPhone and iPod which will run on the new iPad. And I’m sure those vendors will come out with versions of their reader programs optimized for the iPad.
    So there will be lots of choice for people who want to use the iPad for reading books, news, magazines, etc.

  7. Sounds good to me. Sold!–sorta.

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