Evo just keeps callin’ it…


Can you spot the parallels in this montage of awkward side-by-sides? Evo can, and he can also make a solid prediction based on it…

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said today that the de facto leader of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, will become a “second Pinochet”, thanks to the decision of the Honduran congress to declare him a member-for-life.

Morales spoke of the matter in a speech in Cochabamba, during the presentation of a book on his political and union struggles by Argentine writer Stella Calloni.

Morales said that after reading reports from Honduras over the decision of the Honduran congress, he immediately thought that Micheletti “is the second (Augusto) Pinochet”, referring to what had happened in Chile after a 17-year right-wing dictatorship, headed by the bloodiest repressor of that South American nation.

“Sooner or later, it will be the people who judge,” said the Bolivian president.

In Honduras, the head of the parliament, Alfredo Saavedra, awarded Micheletti the “Extraordinary Great Cross With Gold Plaque”, and a gold medal, declaring him a deputy-for-life for his 28 years in the legislature and his presidency, designated by the congress on June 28, 2009, after the coup against Manuel Zelaya.

This “recognition” by the majority of the de-facto congress was repudiated by some deputies of the left and rejected by the populace, which denounced it as a strategy to protect the dictator for life.

President Morales, along with the nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), the OAS, and the international community, has called various times for Zelaya to be restored to office.

For his part in the Honduran electoral farce, Porfirio Lobo, the “president-elect” as a result of elections rejected by virtually all the American nations, will take power on January 27th in an inauguration ceremony which virtually no one will attend, a fact which Lobo himself complained about recently.

Translation mine.

BTW, word is that Evo will be personally delivering humanitarian aid to Haiti. Stand-up guy? You bet.

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2 Responses to Evo just keeps callin’ it…

  1. Anthony says:

    Yeah, there’s pretty much the Free Republic Party’s definition of “democracy” – either open a new McDonald’s in downtown Kabul or Baghdad, or get a Fascist like Gorriletti declared as “member-for-life”, or “President-for-life”, or whatever, after throwing out the popular President.
    I guess they feel they didn’t fuck South America enough during Operation Condor…

  2. What’s really disgusting and unforgivable is that they’ve also pulled Honduras out of the ALBA–the one thing that could have saved it from the economic collapse that’s now inevitable. Pepe Lobo is going into office in a country that will be broke within three weeks of his inauguration, and for that he can thank Gorilletti and that wonderful congress he’s now a life-long member of (may his life henceforth be short, amen!) Honduras Coup 2009 (on the blogroll down the right-hand side) is reporting lots of damning stuff about the economic situation of Honduras.
    This putsch has capitalism written all over it.

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