Evo tells it like it is, again


Jeez, what is it with this man? He has only a high-school education, but I’ll be damned if he’s not the smartest leader in the region after all. He certainly has an eye for bullshit, and he’s not afraid to call it for what it is:

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, declared himself on Monday to be “content” over a response from the US government to his criticisms with respect to its growing military presence in Haiti. Morales says that this demonstrates that he was not wrong to question the landing of thousands of US marines in the poorest country in the Americas.

This in response to the recent words of the adjunct ambassador of Washington to the United Nations, Alejandro Wolff, who said that Morales’ criticisms were “backward”.

The Bolivian president maintains that even today, there are still those who regard Latin America “through that hegemonic principle of submission, as a backyard of the United States.” He added, with some irony, that he was “content and happy” with Wolff’s criticisms.

“I heard in various media that the United States were to send 12,000 troops, when it would be better to send doctors, nurses and more food to help the displaced,” said Morales during a press conference at the government palace. He affirmed that Wolff’s response to his comments regarding US military intervention in Haiti proved that he was not mistaken, and assured that his government would defend the sovereignty “not only of Bolivia, but of all Latin America.”

Morales also called the US “a dump for delinquents”, and considers that the president, Barack Obama, should throw out those who took refuge there, such as the ex-presidential candidate, Manfred Reyes Villa, who is wanted by Bolivian authorities for embezzlement and for his part in a massacre of indigenous campesinos.

“I greatly regret that the Obama government is a dump for the delinquents of Latin America. I don’t know how Obama will dignify his country [when] delinquents are escaping to the United States. They should be expelled,” Morales said.

Referring to US military intervention in Haiti following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Morales called it “inhumane, savage and opportunistic”. The January 12 quake destroyed more than 60 percent of the buildings in the affected region, and the UN reports that over 112,250 persons are dead, and another 194,000 injured.

Translation mine. Linkage added, so you can see that he’s not shitting about Manfred.

And yeah, what IS it with those guns and soldiers, instead of more medics and nurses? They’re already infamous for turning away Doctors Without Borders, so it’s kind of hard to dispute Evo’s analysis of the situation. And given the policy influence of the Heritage Institute and its odious opportunism, which has been noted here already, it’s also hard not to see the Shock Doctrine in action. I don’t know if he’s read Naomi Klein’s excellent book, but even if he hasn’t, it’s clear that he can see for himself what’s really going on.

And even more clear that he’s not afraid to stand up and point out the emperor’s nudity.

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