Festive Left Friday Blogging: A Canadian journalist in Cuba

Jean-Guy Allard talks about the Canada-Cuba relationship (which is very different from that of the US to Cuba!), as well as his own ties to the island, the Left, and the revolutions going on all over Latin America today. He got his start in Cuba translating to and from the French for Granma; you can hear his Québécois accent through his very fluent Spanish. He takes great interest in what’s going on not only there but in Venezuela and Bolivia; he also is watching the situation in Honduras, and ties the coup there unequivocally to US interests. But even if the Left’s battles are still largely uphill against that capitalist behemoth which is forever trying to eat us all, he remains cheerful, energetic and an example to us all about what the future can look like if we have the courage to strive for it.

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