Haiti: The UNtold story

If you’re wondering why aid has so much trouble reaching Haiti, here’s a broad and rather interesting hint, in video form. Those who’ve been trying to “help” Haiti for years have in fact been actively weakening it because the uppity niggruhs keep trying to elect the “wrong” candidate. And when those aforementioned uppities turn out in the streets to protest the obvious foreign interference in their democratic process, guess what happens? Here’s another hint…

Criminalizing dissent. It’s the Amurrican Way.

And Canada is being dragged along into this quagmire of utter disgrace, as are the Brazilians–who were chosen specifically because of their color and affinity for the Haitians.

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4 Responses to Haiti: The UNtold story

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Kevin Pena has been stellar in his reporting about Haiti over the years.
    However, I have never been able to grasp why Lulu is complicit in this oppression. Is he cynically trying to establish bona fides with the pro-imperialists? More, Chavez has been relatively silent about this as well.
    And it is really sickening seeing the US pour troops into Haiti. I am sure that part of the imperialist Obama´s calculation is not have a vacuum where ALBA nations can align with the Haitian left, the majority of the population, and develop a socialist politics from this emergency.
    How much money do you want to be that Obama will vociferously oppose the return of Aristide? And what is sick is that most of the liberals in the US would totally back Obama in that move.

  2. Well, Chávez undoubtedly knows how little of this is in Lula’s hands, and how much the right-wing Brazilian senate actually has to do with it. So that might say something. What’s good to see is how Venezuela and Cuba were among the very first to get aid to Haiti, and did not get bogged down in the quagmire the US is creating (on purpose, by the looks of things, AGAIN.) Bolivia also had troops in Haiti already, and these were unharmed in the quake–probably because they’re not among those shooting at Haitians. Poetic justice strikes again!
    BTW, Evo didn’t make it to Haiti today, so his VP, Alvaro García Linera, went in his stead. A stand-up guy, no question about it.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, yes, I assume that Lula wasn´t down with some of the shit that the UN forces have been doing. Indeed, the rightwing in Brazil does have a lot of clout.
    As far as Linera is concerned, I concur. Not too shabby for a white guy with upper class kind of good looks. He is humble and totally playing crucial role in the evolution of the indigenous rights movement and Bolivian democracy.
    By the way, isn´t it so predictable the way the MSM is reporting the win for the rightwing in Chile?
    Crapitalism has been a huge failure around the world, but they report as though the Latin American people are rejecting solid left-socialist politics.
    Like everywhere, in every country where the rich control the vast bulk of the media, they hammer away at the population the anti-Chavez, anti-socialist line. I saw that well enough in Guatemala.
    The problem is that to make any type of substantive change, and challenge to the oligarch order, a strong leader is required that will help develop a cleavage in the politics as usual.
    By the way, Aristide was and is such a person.
    The best the the oligarchs will allow is the type of wimpy, moderate do-nothingism that we see with Obama.

  4. Re: Chile…tell me about it. Michelle Bachelet was a very watered-down socialist leader; no wonder she’s no Salvador Allende. Still, she was leagues better than the human waste that just washed down the pipe.
    Well, I’ve got some dirt on him, sure ’nuff…and he’s gonna be ruling under a cloud, I can tell you that much ahead of time. His pro-Pinoshit remarks are gonna come back to bite him, especially as the global recession drags Chile further down. The fact that he won on the second round by a narrow margin is not proof of a turning of the tide by any means, either; I have it on good authority that a lot of younger Chileans simply abstained from voting because they don’t care for the weak left/hard right spectrum that they’re being asked to choose from. Maybe this will finally mobilize the real resistance…we shall see.
    Meanwhile, gonna go dig some more poop on this shit…

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