More earthquake footage from Haiti

This was taken by a roadway security camera at the time of the quake. Watch the houses in the background as the shaking starts; they collapse one by one, domino-like, in clouds of dust.

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2 Responses to More earthquake footage from Haiti

  1. Anthony says:

    And to think that Rush Limbaugh went out on his show today and said that he attacked the Haiti victims yesterday “just to see how the media would react”. It seems that all right-wingers do that nowadays; they say something really vile and disgusting on the air (sometimes in the same category as Don Imus’ “nappy-headed hos” slur), and then they say “Oh, just testing you libs! And you fell for it!” Hey Rush, how about the child pedophile sex in the Dominican Republic, on the other side of Hispaniola? We know you’re a drug-addict, and probably in the Klan too – but are you a pedophile, Rush Limbaugh?
    Aww, don’t get upset, Rush; I’m just testing you. You sack of human waste. Seriously, how is Rush Limbaugh’s hatred for the victims in Haiti any different from what I’m sure Fred Phelps said about the earthquake? (I haven’t checked myself, but I could bet my life savings and my apartment that Fred Phelps went all Pat Robertson on the people of Haiti.) Rush, do humanity and Planet Earth a favor and fuck off forever.

  2. Yeah, I’d say it’s about time that unholy trinity all went back to where they came from. Robertson, Phelps and Limbaugh–three turds from the same satanic asshole.

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