Music for a Sunday: Guerrilla Soldier

I’ve been reading Richard Gott’s excellent book on some of the guerrilla movements in Latin America lately, so this song is a natural choice for me this week:

Unfortunately, there’s no video for this one (except an unembeddable live version which is very fun and concert-y but doesn’t capture the real tone of the song, IMO. Plus, Larry’s got a pouffy ’80s mullet. Eek!)

The guerrilla soldier may be “born in Santo Domingo”, but he has more of a universal feel about him; he could be any little guy in Latin America, really. Every time there’s a bout with interference from Washington, he springs up somewhere. The US marine “down from his home up in Maine” doesn’t seem to have changed much, either. What has changed is that popular sentiment has now swung to the side of the guerrilla, and seems likely to remain there, thanks to education–and a keen, deep-seated personal awareness of imperialism and the collusion of Big Media.

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