Music for a Sunday: No time for the killing floor

An extended version of the Guess Who classic. Randy Bachman would later go on to form his own band (and singer/writer Burton Cummings would also end up flying high solo), but his signature heavy, buzzy guitar style is already easy to pick out here.

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2 Responses to Music for a Sunday: No time for the killing floor

  1. Manaat says:

    From Eleazar Diaz Rangel’s column today:
    Si en el Poder Judicial pocos saben qué es el expediente N° 1598-2007, menos deben saberlo nuestros lectores. Se trata del que le abrieron a la jueza provisoria del Juzgado Primero de Primera Instancia, en Caracas el 22 de enero de 2007, María Lourdes Afiuni Mora. El 2 de mayo se produjo la decisión; declarada con lugar la acusación, y amonestada la jueza por incurrir en “descuido injustificado”, falta disciplinaria prevista en la Ley Orgánica del Consejo de la Judicatura.
    He has a paragraph on the Afiuni case every Sunday for the past month or so (remember, the judge who is accused of letting the banker wanker escape to the US?) Looks like there’s stuff in the background.
    It seems one of the things various judges do is fail to show up at hearings, basically as a dilatory tactic so that at some point the person in jail has to be released provisionally … creative stuff.

  2. Gee, how fascist of Chavecito to demand that she be jailed, then. Deliberate dereliction of duty on the part of a judge, who has undoubtedly been paid not to show up? Yeah, that’s really how they do things in a “democracy”…

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