Short ‘n’ Stubby: Haiti roundup (and ripoffs)


Global capitalism in crisis? You’d never know it to see how the capitalist world is responding to the situation in Haiti (and no, I’m not referring entirely to charitable donations). Let’s have a look at what’s going on, shall we?

The IMF seriously expects to get blood out of a stone, according to BoRev. Someone please remind them of what happened when they tried that in Argentina–they’ve forgotten already.

While locals are short of everything (thanks to that lovely US habit of taking over the “relief” mission–Katrina style), isn’t it nice to know that cruise ships are still taking people para-sailing at exclusive resorts, which let nothing trickle down into the local economy (other than the trails of excrement the ships leave behind on the sea, of course?)

Naomi Klein references not only her own intimate knowledge of shockonomics, but also Jeremy Scahill’s examination of the role mercenarism plays in global crapitalism and the forcing thereof on people who want none of it.

Lenin’s Tomb cuts through some major, MAJOR crap on the “security” front, too.

And whatever you do, do NOT call it an occupation! It’ll hurt somebody’s feelings.

The Atlantic Wire asks a stupid question, makes it sound like the left is pro-crime–and completely ignores the REAL looters of Haiti (hint: they’ve been mentioned here a few times already.)

And while we’re on the subject of disaster and “looting”, remember how this was covered when Hurricane Katrina hit another place which also happened to be predominantly black, French-speaking, and a cradle of Voudou? Seems that whether or not you’re a “looter” is contingent both on color and social class. Don’t expect to see the Atlantic Wire analyze THAT anytime soon, let alone in any cogent way.

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