Short ‘n’ Stubby: Three Kings Day edition


It’s Epiphany for those on the Gregorian Calendar, Christmas for those on the Julian. Happy whatever–here’s what’s epiphed for me today:

Carlos in DC has seen the movie Avatar, and relates it to what’s going on all over Latin America right now. I hadn’t planned to see it, but now I admit I’m curious.

El Duderino’s back, and sounding a mite hung over. Musta been one helluva party down there in Bolivia…

Eva Golinger’s on ContraGolpe, exposing a nasty CIA front company. Video in Spanish, Eva in Gringo. (Kidding!)

Honduras’ putschist general (and car thief in chief) is so busted–or will be soon, unless he flees the country. And yes, it’s for unlawfully ousting an elected leader. What do you bet he winds up in either Miami or Lima?

Paul Wells has a novel idea for how to defeat another putschist, bullyboy Harpo: Donate $10 to your party of choice, which of course is ANYBODY BUT THE CONS. Obvious upside: Scares money-hungry Tories shitless. Obvious downside: That money is most likely to wind up in the hands of money-hungry “consultants”. Who are more often than not Tories themselves. My humble (and frankly, better) suggestion: Protest early, protest often. Keep their feet to the fire. It doesn’t take $10 to let ’em know you’re pissed.

The DC Holocaust Museum murderer has died in jail, awaiting trial. Expect cries of martyrdom from all the usual slimy quarters. A fitting memorial would be to take down his loathsome website–I recently learned from this movie that the worst fate, according to Jews, is to go down unremembered when you die. Let’s condemn this mo-fo to that, please.

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2 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Three Kings Day edition

  1. Anthony says:

    Seeing how James von Brunn was a member of Free Republic and was very popular there for spreading birther propaganda, I think Free Republic have declared three days of mourning to celebrate one of “their fallen ones”.

  2. Freeperville, Stormfront–same shit, different toilet.

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