Teh Ghey: Koalas haz it…


And Aussie scientists know all about it. Apparently it’s very commonplace among those cuddly critters:

THE two koalas who stole the limelight from tennis great Andy Roddick with an enthusiastic mating session are both female.

The same-sex marsupial couple is now famous worldwide after being filmed bonding in the background of a Roddick interview for couriermail.com.au.

The footage went global after the scene was posted on the couriermail.com.au site, and the amused American tennis star put a link to the website on his twitter account.

Brisbane’s Lone Pine Sanctuary senior wildlife officer Karen Nilsson said the female koalas, which are normally kept separate from the males, express a readiness to mate by engaging in sex sessions with other females.

“When they are ready to be with a male, one of the things they do to express that is to pretend to mate another female,” she said.

“As what happened with Sprite and Saffron, they often start in one position and then swap so they both get a turn.”

Awwww…and they’re egalitarian, too.

Now how can anyone NOT be for marriage equality after hearing that?

(And all you guys back there in the peanut gallery–yeah YOU, the ones who like to see two hot straight chicks pretending to make out–shut it!)

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4 Responses to Teh Ghey: Koalas haz it…

  1. Manaat says:

    Bina, did you ever do a post on this? (I forget now, but it’s quite good)
    On a different note, I once overheard a female undergrad at a cafe tell her friend “I am not lesbian, I just dyke out to make guys horny” 🙂

  2. And to think that when *I* was in university, being a lesbian–a REAL one–was a deep dark secret. One woman wrote an anonymous piece for the school newspaper about how she HAD to come out to her parents, because someone else threatened to “out” her. That piece generated so much hate mail…

  3. Manaat says:

    Was it that bad when you were undergrad? You were an undergrad during the Montreal massacre, right? (I was a grad student then, and had Canadian female friends who were very affected by it, too close to home and all)

  4. Yep, it was that bad, all right. And yes, I was in my final year of university at the time. I was devastated, as were all of us at the Queen’s Women’s Centre.
    There was an anti-date-rape campaign on campus, the previous year…and guys were hanging signs in the windows of their (all-male) dorm rooms reading things like “No means she’s a dyke”, “No means kick her in the teeth”, etc. That should give you some idea of where lesbianism actually stood when it came to turn-ons.
    A lot of weird shit went on in the pubs when people were guzzling beer by the pitcher (most of it involving vomiting or urinating in stairwells; one of the more infamous pubs, Alfie’s, was on the lower level of the building it was in), but same-sex kissing was nowhere to be seen there. Nor at house parties, either. If it had been, you’d have heard reports of a hate crime immediately following the smooch.

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