Vargas Loser gets booed in Chile


Shoulda stuck to what you were good at, Mario…

And he shoulda stayed on the left, too. Then maybe things like this wouldn’t be happening to him now:

The heckling of writer Mario Vargas Llosa and the abrupt appearance of the sister of a Mapuche Indian killed by Chilean police marred the opening of the Museo de la Memoria, intended to honor victims of the late Augusto Pinochet’s 1973-1990 dictatorship.

Presiding over Monday’s ceremony was Chilean head of state Michelle Bachelet, who was imprisoned and tortured during the military regime.

She was accompanied by the other three presidents who have ruled Chile since the return of democracy – Patricio Aylwin, Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos – along with numerous ministers and lawmakers.

Also present was Peruvian-born novelist Vargas Llosa, who has been in Santiago since last week as a guest of right-wing presidential candidate Sebastian Piñera, who has won the endorsement of the acclaimed writer.

Piñera will challenge Eduardo Frei next Sunday in a runoff.

“Get out, get out!” those seated near Vargas Llosa began to shout as he talked to reporters before the event began.

“In an electoral campaign the atmosphere always gets a little tense, but I have the impression that this is a small group and that most people are showing all the sophistication they should in such cases,” Vargas Llosa said when asked about the heckling.

Fancy him talking about “sophistication” when the candidate who invited him is a disgusting Pinochet apologist. Yeah, fascism is so “sophisticated”. That’s why this pompous twat routinely shills for it in Venezuela; I don’t suppose he’s much different when it comes to Chile. (It bears repeating that Vargas Loser has hated democracy in Latin America ever since he lost a presidential election so badly in Peru. Voters aren’t totally stupid, it seems.)

Of course, the neo-cons all love him. They’re quite alone in that; no one else cares for sold-out turncoats. Least of all the Latin Americans (and particularly, the indigenous) whom he betrayed.

He deserves all the booing he gets, and then some.

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4 Responses to Vargas Loser gets booed in Chile

  1. Cort Greene says:

    Thank you for all you do in keeping us and the world updated and informed on the Latin America and I have really enjoy your humor and insight on many different subjects.
    Yours is the first blog I arise with and then check before I turn off the computer at night.
    You are the best…
    Rojo Rojito

  2. Thanks, amigo, that’s always good to hear!

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    This loser is beloved by the middle and upper classes in the Americas. Indeed, he supports the Honduran coup, and never tires of putting down any and all left movements in the region that threaten the power of the upper classes.
    You will see his neandertal opinions in all major oligarch owned news papers in the Americas–as well as in the empire, where he enjoys being patted on the head by his masters.
    Nice that the idigenous woman and others heckled the man. And too bad that Concertacion has been so inept in this election cycle.
    Maybe the right winning in Chile will embolden the left. They are not immune from the passive consumerist model of politics that is so entrenched all over the world.

  4. I think Chile is still shaking off the effects of the coup against Allende. After all this time, THAT 9-11 (-73) has not healed. And there are a lot of bad policies left over from the Pinochet era still in effect, and little modified. So it’s little wonder the left is timid there. They have not yet learned to fight back, as in Venezuela and Bolivia. The few that do, tend to be indigenous, and that’s because they’ve been pushed so far that they have no choice but to push back. (And also, maybe, the victory of Evo right next door has given them some hope.)

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