Chavecito on CNN

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Chavecito talks with Carmen Aristégui about Alvaro Uribe’s rude interruption at the summit, and how embarrassing it was for everyone involved. He also talks about Fidel, the revolution in Cuba, the importance of anti-imperialism, and the dangers of the Gringo Empire and its attempts to divide and conquer Latin America, and why it is therefore important to have an “OAS without North America”.

In the latter half of the interview, he talks about the dangers Barack Obama faces at home. If he were to dismantle the military-industrial complex, he would be killed, says Chávez. He makes clear that he himself is anti-imperialist, not anti-US or anti-Obama. He also talks about why he gave Obama a copy of Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America, and about the coup in Honduras. He says it’s possible that Obama didn’t know it was going to happen, but it was accepted–a grave error. There’s also a cute moment where he describes running into Uribe in the washroom after the infamous “al carajo” incident. Chavecito proposes Lula to head up the new LatAm-Caricom organization he and Evo are advocating, citing Lula’s being on good terms with everyone, and able to hear everyone out.

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