Facebook: So much weird shit, so little time

So my friend Ryan puts this up on his Facebook page:

Go to urbandictionary.com, type in your first name, copy and paste this as your status, and put the first entry for your name under comments: A name, which is commonly both a first or last name, which is very often confused with Brian. Its Irish roots define the name as “little king”.

Well, I went to the site in question, put in my first name, and here’s what I got:

Bosnian bush wacker who brings people to their knees. One who hails from the country of Sukkalotadik.

Beautiful, yet strong. Never stand in a Sabina’s way, or she will kick your ass, especially if you have gathered multiple STD’s by having sex with many girls (i.e. Kaylees, Karis, etc.) Stunningly gorgeous, boys fall to their knees as a Sabina walks by begging for her approval. Few actually gain her approval, and the rest are shunned as though they’re black and have AIDS.

Never fuck with a Sabina.

A: oh shit, I can’t hide this woody in front of the Sabina

I’m sorry, I can’t post that to Facebook. I’m laughing too hard.

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