Festive Left Friday Blogging: Vrrrrrrrmmm, vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm…

So who said being a president had to be all dull photo-ops? Not Evo:


Here he is, handing the Bolivian army a shipment of all-terrain vehicles. And of course, he just had to take one for a spin…


Ah, a boy…with a toy. What could be cuter than those dimples?


And yeah, why not give those suits a run for the money. They could use the exercise!

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2 Responses to Festive Left Friday Blogging: Vrrrrrrrmmm, vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm…

  1. paso2100 says:

    Dear Sabina,
    How sad what this world is coming too, huh? Just read some of your posts–very illuminating. Christian fundies spreading hate, and liberal progressives hating them for hating others. So basically the world is one big vicious “hate cycle” with everyone hating each other for one thing or another. Very sad indeed b/c no matter what the reason for the hatred–be it “liberal” or “righteous” indignation–it leads only to one thing… more killing… more holocausts… more hate. I guess in a million years humanity will never change regardless of whether they are liberal of right wing fundies. Too bad really. And even more tragic that there is no end in sight to all the hate being swapped around by all sides–right wing, liberal–and everyone in between. No solutions in sight I guess, just more hate.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Funny, Paso-da-gasso, but I don’t hear YOU proposing any solutions. (The one your brain is marinated in doesn’t count, unfortunately, owing to rather high levels of toxic conservatism.)
    FYI, progressives don’t go around staging holocausts. That’s for conservatives only.
    But thanks for playing. You just squeaked in under the wire to become a wanker on my weekly list.

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