Gaza in Plain Language

A short documentary that lays out what really happened there, and dares to ask why:

No matter how one feels about Israel’s right to exist (and I for one think it has one, as does Palestine, in equal measure)–in light of the full facts about the attack on Gaza last year, no one who is truly honest can say it was “self-defence”, much less measured.

And isn’t it ironic how a nation composed of people who survived one holocaust, has turned around to become a perpetrator of the very crime–genocide–it once swore never to let happen again?

I should also add that what happened in Gaza is deeply un-kosher. And there is no shortage of Jews, in and outside of Israel, who condemn it for that very reason.

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  1. uzza says:

    Pretty good video. Way too easy on the Israelis, but pretty good.

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