Headline Howler: Oops, Angus Reid did it again

…”it” being, you guessed it, screwing the pooch.

My friend Anthony, from Sweden, writes:

During the Uruguay campaign last year, I went into Angus Reid a lot to get the latest poll numbers. Today, while trying to find some other poll numbers, I noticed some really stupid things. First of all, an article about Evo Morales on the front page, refering to him as “Despotic Evo”. Oh yeah, ’cause trying to save Bolivia from Nazi terrorists from Hungary and Croatia is evil! How dare he go after terrorists…I call outrage! Oy vey..

And then I was searching for “Argentina”, trying to find the President’s latest poll numbers, after some of the business stories I’ve read about. And this made me crack the fuck up: “Most Argentines Reject Same-Sex Marriage” and “Most Argentines Support Same-Sex Marriage” – on the same page! I’ll give you a screencap, no alterings or whatever.

Here’s the pic:


And here, for those who are curious, is “Despotic Evo”. No mention whatsoever of the fact that he was up against a bunch of wanking crooks who were themselves too cowardly to debate, and whose “campaign” consisted mainly of whining and dumb-fuck publicity stunts, nada más.

Yep, Angus Reid is officially full of fail as a “global monitor”. It is nothing but a stinking crapaganda sausage factory.

Any further questions?

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