It was 18 years ago today…

…that a military uprising in Venezuela, against an elected president turned tyrant, failed. A group of army officers, tired of the abuse their country had taken for over three decades at the hands of “democratic” opportunists, decided to take matters into their own hands. The rebellion failed, but just one minute’s TV time launched the rebel leader on what would become a career in politics. Perhaps he looks familiar?

Yep, that’s Lt.-Col Hugo Chávez, commander of a paratroop regiment–turning himself in before the TV cameras, and asking his comrades to give themselves up as well. Two words–“Por ahora”, “for now”–were all it took to give the country new hope. Chávez spent two years in prison before being pardoned by the late Rafael Caldera, and promptly began touring the country, hearing people out as to what they really wanted from their democracy. He formulated a platform based on constitutional reform and on getting the boot of international capital off Venezuela’s neck. In 1999 he became president, as a civilian.

He’s been wildly popular ever since.

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