Keith Olbermann just tied a knot in my trachea

If you wanna know what it takes to make me cry, you’re about to see for yourself:

Part I (click through for Part II) of a VERY special commentary.

If this doesn’t make you damn the devils–Sarah Fucking Palin and Betsy Fucking McCaughey–I don’t know what will. The US needs its Tommy Douglas, and IT HASN’T GOT ONE.

Good night and good luck, indeed.

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3 Responses to Keith Olbermann just tied a knot in my trachea

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Yeah, my wife and I were watching this episode too. We were both teary eyed because both of our mothers are in their mid-80’s, both are feisty as Hell and both, thank God, have the blessing of relatively good health, wear and tear considered.
    We have had Betsy McCaughey’s ‘death panel’ consultation with the respective doctors, while the respective mothers were there, coherent, and able to tell us what SHE wanted to do in the various situations. It is very difficult to do, but, once done, it feel so wonderful that you have a road map on how to deal with these issues.
    So Fuck You, Sarah. Fuck You, Betsy. You two are nothing more or nothing less than whores of the the insurance industry who give you money to open an orifice so they can fill it with some bodily fluid. And then they turn you loose to let it drip all over everything.
    And Ken and his father are in our prayers for a comfortable conclusion, whatever that may be! And however Ken’s dad wanted it to be.

  2. Jim, this is precisely the sort of thing any adult child dreads. I’m the oldest of six, and my parents have named me executor and power of attorney. If they’re ever in a position where someone has to have “that conversation” with their doctors, it’s gonna be me. And I’m so NOT looking forward to it.

  3. Lauren says:

    I watched my mother go through this with her father, and one day I’ll probably have to do it for her. Death is a thing that happens, it’s natural but it’s not easy and it’s not nice and anyone telling the lie about ‘death panels’ is deliberately making it harder for people and their families. Shame on them.

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