Lo siento mucho, España…

I’m told that this is the latest fashion in Spanish hombres’ wear:


I knew that machos could be surprisingly insecure about their packages, but this is ridiculous. This is gonna be the first fully dressed man ever arrested for indecent exposure. If you’re gonna bring back the codpiece, can you please make it without the twig and berries?

PS: My best friend wonders if the “wongydoodle suit”, as he calls it, was copied from this. The artist responsible for that particular bit of wackiness is interviewed about her creations here.

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7 Responses to Lo siento mucho, España…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, with the rich fashionista set, it’s all about buzz and shock value. I believe in social nudism as a method for sick societies to deal with their pathologies–not as a perverts paradise, of course.
    There has been controversy over the vibran shoe that fits over all the toes. Totally cool.
    This is a bit different. What happens if the guy gets…stiff? Nevermind
    Bina, Ace reporter Patrick Adams has a wormy little article on Venezuela’s “renegade aid” to Haiti. Seriously, the hate-Chavez propaganda has become a way of life in the US.
    Indeed, the liberals hate on Venezuela just about as much as the rightwinger’s. Both are stoodges for the imperialist beast, however

  2. Many years ago, I went to Barcelona as part of my European tour. Yes, I saw some bullfights. Yes, the toros went to McDonald’s after. Yes, the hombres speak Catalan instead of Spanish. I don’t know what “hombre” is is Catalan.
    Nineteen years, men did not wear shorts at nighttime. If you did, then you we’re either a tacky tourist or assumed to be gay or both. I’ll put myself in the first category. It didn’t matter if it was 25 Celsius in the evening. Los Menos did not wear shortos.
    Good Lord! I just took a second look below the man’s Pyrenees!

  3. I have no idea how to say “men” in Catalan either, although if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it might be “hombres”, pronounced as if it were Provençal French.
    And Slave, of course Venezuela’s aid to Haiti is “renegade”–Venezuela, unlike the rich white northerners, has an appreciation for slave revolts and a desire to support those whose ancestors fought them. When their own liberator drew his inspiration from a bunch of uppity niggruhs, you just know that country is renegade by birth.

  4. Manaat says:

    Who is Patrick Adams?

  5. Manaat says:

    The Catalan for “hombre” is “home”

  6. Jim Hadstate says:

    Well, ‘Bina, if I wore something like that I’d wear that stupid hat too. I couldn’t stand to have anybody recognize me. Not to mention that my wife would begin unlicensed surgery on the “tight” part of the pants. And I don’t mean the fabric.

  7. I have no idea who Patrick Adams is, but that sure sounds like “homey” to me… 🙂
    And Jim, I expect that the “genitalia” are actually just cloth stuffed with batting and stitched on, while his real package is safely ensconced behind the fly, as always. But as someone who’s sewn and repaired her own clothing, I can’t for the life of me imagine how they made it look so seamless. Or kept a straight face attaching the things.
    I just hope this same designer doesn’t make dresses with external, attached female parts as well.

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