Oh surprise, surprise…Haiti has OIL!

And lots of it. All unexploited as yet. Does this explain the militarized US “aid” response to the earthquake? You bet…

William Engdahl explains how Haiti’s unique geological situation–the same that makes it so vulnerable to earthquakes–also makes it minerally rich. If Haiti had not been chronically starved of cash for the last 200 years or so, the country could easily have had the technology and the personnel to develop those resources on its own, instead of being ripe prey for imperial predators.

Venezuela, just a stone’s throw from Haiti, is just now in the position to make itself independent that way, as it has begun graduating homegrown, university-trained engineers and geologists specializing in mineral resource development. That’s Bhad Nhews where foreign capitalism is concerned. They have an active interest in keeping the locals underdeveloped, undereducated, and thus dependent. This is probably what Engdahl means by “strategic denial”, along with the oil corporations’ active interest in keeping the price of their product artificially elevated by creating artificial shortages whenever the price drops too low for their liking. There are literally miles of full tankers idling at anchor in the Persian Gulf, under orders from head office not to sail until the price starts jumping. There are others, anchored at their ports of destination but not unloading, for the same reason. This market manipulation has been going on for quite some time already. It looks superficially clever, but is really profoundly stupid–what could be a more seductive target for a terrorist firebug than a great big boatload of crude? But of course, that risk also plays into the artificial price elevation…as does the mind-boggling cost of storing all that unused oil. Someone is benefiting from this, but it’s not the people of the oil-producing nations, much less the First World consumer.

And shhhh, don’t even mention Cuba…or Haiti. Both, like Venezuela, are sitting on top of heaven only knows how much of the black stuff.

Haiti’s unexploited mineral wealth could well be the biggest untold economic story of the century. It could also be the biggest untold tale of slavers’ vengeance ever.

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2 Responses to Oh surprise, surprise…Haiti has OIL!

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    God you know how to dig them out, ‘Bina! I had an uneasy feeling, as Mr. Engdahl says, about all of the thousands of troops being dumped on Haiti when we can’t even bring up to staff the troop levels that Obama the saber-rattler wants in Afghanistan. Why the big rush to get the troops in? Why to prop up the latest incarnation of the extension of US imperialism, Mr. Preval and his puppet administration, of course. That way when Washington is ready to announce this “surprising find of oil in Haiti”, they will have one of their neoliberal darlings there to cooperate in the further rape and exploitation of the poor Haitian people.
    I hope Chavez, Luna, Morales, Correa and MERCOSUR can offer some technical assistance to the Haitians in both natural resource exploration as well as truly a democratic governance instead of governance by oligarchs and imperialists.

  2. Yeah, that hopey-changey thing isn’t looking so hot from where LatAm and the Caricom are sitting. If Obama were any different from his predecessor where they were concerned, they’d stop calling him an imperialist. But the fact is that he didn’t call off the 4th Fleet, he just sent them to Haiti. Where they promptly set up a bottleneck for any relief missions not associated with the US military, rather than speeding and streamlining the process of relief delivery as they could have done, were they actually trained (and present) for disaster relief. That was never the fleet’s mission, though!

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