Q. Why does Evo Morales have such nice, shiny hair?

A. He’s always brushing it. Otherwise, the confetti would build up to unbearable levels and crush him:


BTW, he’s also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize…again. If he ever wins it, he will undoubtedly deserve it more than the last guy before him.

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2 Responses to Q. Why does Evo Morales have such nice, shiny hair?

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    You got that right! He hasn’t sent troops to continue to occupy the country of someone else and send drone missiles to kill kiddies in their schoolhouse. He also hasn’t sent “humanitarian aid” in the form of an occupying army to once again act as the imperialist that he is.
    Go Evo! The Nobel Committee needs to consider that he has actually pacified the wingnut fascists in the media luna and ended what for all intents and purposes was another attempt by the US imperialists to overthrow a democratically elected president.
    OK. Enough of the rant for today!

  2. And best of all, he really does have nice hair.

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