Quotable: Abraham Lincoln on labor vs. capital

“Capital is only the fruit of labor […] Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”

–Abraham Lincoln, December 3, 1861

(Gee, sounds to me like Honest Abe was a bit of a socialist!)

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  1. Nuttiness is right. What’re they seriously planning to do, bomb Toronto? Torch Oakland? Stage fake vandalism in synagogues and Jewish cemeteries to gain sympathy for their war plans? Sheesh.
    BTW, Norman Finkelstein was great today on Facebook:
    The header alone is good for a giggle.

  2. Manaat says:

    There’s also:
    Toronto Braces for White Phosphorus Attack

  3. That one was good, too. Shits ‘n’ giggles…

  4. Jim Hadstate says:

    Weeelll….let’s see how much trouble I can stir up from the Mossad crowd.
    “…seeks to “turn Israel into a pariah state by undermining its moral legitimacy…”
    Uh, no guys, you did that all by yourselves. Butchering innocent civilians just because it is more convenient and less difficult for your paid killers is just not an excuse in the eyes of the civilized world.
    “…Israel should aspire to maintain thousands of personal relationships with political, financial, cultural, media and security-related elites…”
    They already do. Is called AIPAC.
    “…Hubs of delegitimization … are places that combine an internal dynamic of strong fundamental anti-Israeli activity that stretches far beyond legitimate criticism of Israeli policies, with a strong global impact,…”
    Un, no, they are the ones that actually criticize Likud policies, not Israel. In the last 30 years, Israeli wingnuts have decided that the wingnut Likud Party and Israel are one and the same. If that’s the way you want it guys, well, I guess that any criticism of the Butchers of Likud are criticisms of the Butchers of Israel.
    “…he assumes the anti-Israeli activists in the city are “on the edges of the margins of local politics…”
    First of all, we have an old saying in the US that Mossad must have missed. The word “assume” breaks down into “making an ass out of u or me”. In this case its pretty clear its you. Making assumptions when you are an ideologue is dangerous work.
    Next, we are only on the fringe if you are a wingnut and believe that Glenn Beck is the second coming of Jeremiah. Good luck with that!
    “…However, the Reut Institute does identify a system of ideas that, to a significant extent, have evolved, ripened and gained clarity and internal consistency…”
    You really ought to see a psychiatrist for that paranoia. It can evolve into all sorts of antisocial and psychotic behavior.
    As for the Facebook page, it’s hard to take Peter Kent seriously about anything. If the Tories tried to do something like this, Parliament would be prorogued again because Harper would face a no confidence vote and there would be Tories joining in.
    Peter Kent’s credibility hit a new low when he attacked Chavez while visiting Venezuela with vitriol clearly supplied by Globovision.

  5. Oh, Jim, it gets worse:
    I’m looking for the Times article it refers to. In the meantime, I’ve found plenty of nauseating crap about Avigdor Lieberman, making vague excuses that only reek of tacit admission. To say I loathe him and Netanyahu is but barely beginning to cover it…

  6. Anthony says:

    “Toronto is a hub of anti-Israel activity.”
    Oh, I’m all to familiar with such a story – after all, my city of Malmö has been pockmarked the same way by the extreme right in Israel. Which is being used – ironically – by the local far-right here to claim that Malmö today is like Berlin in the 1930’s, though they’re just as keen on kicking out all non-whites. I could mention our football team Malmö FF having an Iranian player, Behrang Safari, joining the rest of the team for a game in Tel Aviv in 2005*, and our Jewish community condemning an arson attack on the city mosque by neo-Nazis in 2003…
    But no, let’s maintain a narrative instead. “Criticism of Likud and Netanyahu/Lieberman equals calling for the blood of 6 million Jews.” Oy vey…
    *- Some Iranian athletes have been known to walk out of sports events rather than face an Israeli, including the Summer Olympics. Safari didn’t boycott, so that’s why I thought I’d mention it. Not that the far-right cares, they can’t tell the difference between Arabs and Persians…

  7. What makes me laugh is the fact that Toronto is probably THE Jewish capital of Canada. Montréal might have more of ’em per capita, but TO still takes the cake for highest number, because it’s a much bigger city overall.
    And what makes me laugh even harder is that not only does Toronto have the largest Jewish community in Canada, it’s probably also the most liberal/leftist of them all. And some of them are the most vocal critics in the country of Likudnik policy.
    But if you really want a “hub” of anti-Likudnik sentiment, the elephant in the room is Israel itself.
    “The confluence of domestic politics, Christian fundamentalism and foreign policy is now so strong that Israel’s tail is wagging Canada’s dog.”
    OY VEY…

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