Short ‘n’ Stubby: Haiti roundup (and ripoffs), part troisième


In lieu of Ms. Manx, a little something to (hopefully) make you laugh. Now, on to the not-so-funny…

VTV has a short documentary out about the “humanitarian” invasion of Haiti, in which several Venezuelan professors discuss the militarization of aid, the intent to intimidate the ALBA countries (which have been at the forefront of relief efforts), and the stupidities of Pat “Kill Hugo Chávez” Robertson and his racism.

To date, Venezuelan medical relief teams have treated 11,896 Haitians and counting.

Fidel Castro praises the Venezuelan relief effort. Hey, you’re not doing so badly yourself, old man.

A mob of Dominicans has assaulted a Puerto Rican ship carrying relief supplies to Haiti. Police and the Dominican military intervened, but some of the cargo still walked off in the hands of the looters. The motive? Poverty and hunger are also major problems in the Dominican Republic.

Lula won’t be attending the UNASUR special summit in Quito, Ecuador, on Haiti. The problem: high blood pressure. Lula hasn’t travelled out of Brazil all year, on medical advice. He will, however, be sending his international-affairs advisor, Marco Aurelio García.

Johann Hari takes hope from the fact that the IMF backed down on its latest attempt to further mire Haiti in debt, corruption and general misery.

Wade Davis, probably the foremost foreign expert on Haiti, talks to National Geographic about Patwa’s bigoted idiocies, and what Haitian Voudou is really all about. Don’t miss it!

Meanwhile, Dominican troops have arrested a Venezuelan on suspicions of child trafficking at a checkpoint near Montecristi. No word yet on his associations (if any), but I smell an escualido.

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2 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Haiti roundup (and ripoffs), part troisième

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    It is very plausible that the US is occupying Haiti as a preemptive move to counter ALBA nations from gaining a foot-hold.
    I think Venezuela should bring Aristide back to Haiti and protect him with troops. At any rate, it is clear that capitalism will continually fail at developing healthy outcomes in Haiti.
    The corporate media have been horrible in their reporting on Haiti– but one could argue that they have performed in stellar fashion. Your average ‘Merican no doubt continues to put the onus of responsibility for the immiseration on the Haitians–because they are African and lazy, yada, yada…
    The response to this disaster leaves no doubt that US policy and behavior is white supremacist and malevolent.

  2. I think you may be onto something there, amigo. Just look where Haiti sits: smack-dab between Cuba (an ALBA member) and the Dominican Republic (which is on decent terms with ALBA.) It’s too late for the Empire to try to starve Cuba out; the blockade clearly isn’t working and never has and never will. But that won’t stop them from trying it in earnest with Haiti, which has one severe disadvantage that Cuba did not when the Revolution took hold. The opportunism I see at work, trying to carve up what’s left of Haiti to capitalists’ advantage, makes me sick.

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