Short ‘n’ Stubby: Haiti roundup (and ripoffs), part quatrième


Ms. Manx likes the fact that there’s a “quat” in the title. All punning aside, however, the news out of Hispaniola is still not good…

First up, remember those child traffickers hapless Christian do-gooders out of Idaho? Well, their “attorney” is apparently not a lawyer, unless under legal experience, you count evasion of the law. Specifically, regarding child sex slaves.

And he’s not the only shady “legal representative” this group has used, either. Another “attorney”, a Haitian named Edwin Coq, was dismissed after offering $60,000 US in bribes to the authorities. Who fired him? None other than the bogus lawyer from above! (Link in Spanish.)

But don’t feel too sorry for them and their poor choice of representation…eight of the ten are now out of jail.

Next, US ambassador to Haiti, Ken Merten, has some strange ideas of what constitutes “working well”.

Meanwhile, Jamaica Observer columnist John Maxwell offers a harsh corrective, and a well-deserved roundhouse punch to the lazy, smug, complacent foreign media types who refuse to get the story right.

Sarko is in Haiti right now, announcing an “aid plan” that is chump change compared to all the blood money France extorted out of those uppity niggruhs over the last two centuries. Money which, had it been left in Haiti, would have elevated that country to first-world status by now.

Also, Harpo is a militaristic, opportunistic dick. But we already knew that.

Finally, here’s a song by Alí Primera, Venezuela’s greatest folk singer. He died 25 years ago today, but this song might have been written only yesterday. It’s about Haiti’s struggles, and it’s called “The Night of Jabali”.

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2 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Haiti roundup (and ripoffs), part quatrième

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    “Also, Harpo is a militaristic, opportunistic dick. But we already knew that.”
    Yeah, and he can’t run an Olympics very well either. That’s what you get from penny-pinching, small government fanatical wingnuts. Dead athletes, viewers falling through the seating and an Olympic torch that keeps sputtering out. You go, Harpo!

  2. Well, they have to pay for the security overkill somehow.
    Speaking of which, a mentally ill man got within 12 paces of Joe Biden when the latter was there on opening night. So much money spent on fencing for the caldron, and then THIS happens. Pathetic!

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