Stupid Sex Tricks: Wholesome family viewing fail

“Busty Secretaries” and “College Sex Tryouts”. As Amurrican as apple pie!

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4 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: Wholesome family viewing fail

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Honest to God, ‘Bina, will the grubbing for the Almighty Dollar (Canadian or US) never stop? You’re right about old Walt. He’s arguing with God right now to use the lightening bolts for a preemptive strike. And She’s telling him that he may have kept Khrushchev out of Disneyland, but this is her Disneyland and she’ll decide when to use the lightening bolts.
    Is that for real or did someone cut and paste that?

  2. It’s for real, as far as I can tell. Hotel pay-per-view is amazing–it corrupts everything it touches!

  3. Ben Gruagach says:

    I expect the hotel’s pay-per-view system has been messed up with the wrong “network” label attached to the content.
    It’s extremely unlikely that Disney is involved in producing or presenting porn like that. (Now if it involved princesses and selling toys to children, of course they’d be involved!)

  4. Princess porn–yep, that’s Disney’s original specialty. But ever since they’ve been showing Miley Cyrus, I have to say I’ve been wondering…

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