Venezuela’s “peaceful” oppos strike again…

And look! They love playing Laser Tag…or is it AirSoft?


Real story here.

Seems a bit excessive considering they’re fighting for a trashy profiteer’s cable-TV channel, not their own freedom of speech. Doesn’t it?

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10 Responses to Venezuela’s “peaceful” oppos strike again…

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    What? He thinks his Uzzi is undercover or what? Great disguise there, amigo!
    You wonder how these human rights loving wingnuts get their hands on such sophisticated weaponry. Can you say CIA? If that’s too hard, how about Uncle Sam’s State Department. It seems its ambassadors are good at fomenting the overthrow of democratically elected, Honduran-style governments.

  2. Not only does it SEEM that way, it IS that way. Goldilocks was sent to balkanize Bolivia, and he was a Miserable Failure, but he fell up. Now he’s in the spook shop, which I suspect is just a case of “back where he came from”.
    I’ll bet this “student” (who probably isn’t one, either) got his weapon from Uncle Sam’s diplomatic pouch. You’d be surprised how many of them do.

  3. Mario Silva on Twitter? OH NOES COMMUNISM!!!1111onethousandeleventyone!!!!

  4. Manaat says:

    Listen to Walter Martinez’s show tonight when they put it on tomorrow. There is a great alocution by Chaderton at the OEA addressed to the Canadian idiot there and also the USA (more indirectly). But the speech is great … you have to listen to it.

  5. Manaat says:

    Here’s the text:
    But you should still listen … the delivery is great, it is brilliant!

  6. Manaat says:

    Actually, here it is.

  7. Manaat says:

    Actually I meant this
    But it’s probably too late.

  8. Nope…it’s still up! I’m gonna see if I can find him on YouTube so I can post it here, too.

  9. Manaat says:

    I love the point when he says “we have golpista TV stations”, and then moving away from the script, looks at the Canadian and says “you know we have golpista TV stations, I suppose just like in the countries represented here, especially the ones who yabber the loudest, where such TV stations function with total freedom”

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