Wankers of the Week: Crappy Valentine’s Day!


Some say it with flowers. This week, I say it with clerihews:

1. Chris Fucking Briles

Pushes Christ with sinful wiles.

Someone tell this fine upstanding guy

That Jesus hates it when you lie.

2. Sarah Fucking Palin

Should knock off the whiny wailin’.

She won’t be in clover

When her tea party’s over.

3. John Fucking McCain

Doesn’t feel gay soldiers’ pain.

One might ask what his stance is good for

In light of his helping lose a war.


4. Jason Fucking Kenney

Cut many a penny

From groups promoting human rights

With the lame accusation that they’re anti-semites.

5. Stephen Fucking Harper.

Was there ever such a carper?

Equal rights for others sure do seem to threaten

The uncool dude in the sweater vest and cowboy hat who just ain’t gettin’.

6. Arnold Fucking Kling

Thinks that DC is Beijing.

The Chinese are not amused–

Would you be, as the object of an odious comparison so over-used?

7. Jim Fucking DeMint

Has not the brains of a wad of lint.

“Global warming” doesn’t mean

That there’s no cold weather, or anything in between.


8. James Fucking Moore

Excused taste that’s piss-poor

Hoping that we’ll ignore

That $10 million more.

9. Nancy Fucking Elliott

Deserves a one-way ticket to helliot.

What earned her this frightful ungodly hex?

Her unholy obsession with gay butt sex.

10. Gerard Fucking Alexander

Thought it commonsensical to slander

His intellectual superiors

And elevate their distant inferiors.


And finally, to the chickenshit phony from Washington, DC, IP #, who wanked (twice!) on my open letter to Peter Kent. You’re a fine one to talk about embarrassing oneself–you just did it big-time. Since you’re not brave enough to sign yourself with anything but obscenities, you’re not important enough to merit anything but prose. But if I knew your real name, I’d be sure to find a nice, obscene rhyme for YOU, cabrĂłn.

Good night, and get fucked!

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5 Responses to Wankers of the Week: Crappy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Bina…good one. I liked the military cartoon because it’s so true. The same arguments are used today against gay soldiers, as they once used against black troops. I heard this black WWII flying ace on CNN the other day. He was a hero in Europe but when he returned to the U.S., the first sign he saw was white troops this way, black troops that way. Nice eh? Oh yeah…as for that cabron don’t tell him to get fucked.
    That’s far too good for him… 🙂

  2. LOL, Simon…you’re right, he probably won’t anyway. Unless he springs for one of those Rubber Rita jobbies.
    And yes, gay rights = civil rights. Why some people still don’t grasp that is beyond me. Maybe they’d all rather take things back to the slavery era?

  3. JBosque says:

    Nice rhymes.
    The way I see it … if you have someone in your bed you’re less likely to be concerned about who is in someone else’s (excluding children, of course).
    More people need to get laid I think.

  4. That, or they need to keep their solo-sex out of the public spotlight. It’s embarrassing to watch.

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