Ann Coulter really hates freedom of speech. Here’s why…

Reason #1: It’s very easy to own her bony ass with the facts.

All you have to do is get a word in edgewise, which of course is something this fast-talking nag doesn’t want to allow. Fortunately, this CBC reporter didn’t have to go all Bill O’Reilly on her and cut her mike. He just had to keep talking. Watch how her confidence turns to deer-in-the-headlights on a dime!

Reason #2: She’s afraid of any serious challenge. Especially if it comes in boisterous crowds.

About two thousand noisy protesters is what it takes to get an Ann Coulter speech canceled, apparently.

That’s the scene which transpired on Tuesday night at the University of Ottawa, where the right-wing author had planned a talk. Canadian media described the crowd as “boisterous.”

“A spokesman for the group that organized the event said there were fears for Coulter’s well-being after about two thousand people gathered outside the venue to protest her presence there,” The Toronto Star reported.

Two thousand “boisterous” people, merely protesting? Not one weapon, not one death threat in all that crowd? Just people shouting and waving placards denouncing a foreign terrorist invader on our soil? Wow. Some threat to her “well-being”. I guess for Ann, well-being is directly tied to her own monstrous ego and her ability to overtalk. You can do that one-on-one, or even one-on-two or -three. But one-on-two-thousand? Yeah, no wonder she felt threatened. One CBC reporter clobbering her with facts; two thousand students clobbering her with free speech. Kind of hard going, that!

But hey, Ann, you shouldn’t have any problem standing up to them, I should think. Not if you really believed in free speech (for those other than your scrawny old self, of course). Not after what you said just a few short years ago:

“They better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them,” she said on Hannity & Colmes in 2004. “They’re lucky they’re allowed to be on the same continent as the United States.”

Yeah, big brave words. And just like everything else she blats to the four winds, utterly empty of meaning and devoid of fact.

Canadians won the War of 1812; it’s the Yanks’ best-kept secret and the reason for our so-called “luck”. We taught them to show some respect, and we taught it to ’em the hard way. We torched the White House, Ann…and we are the only country ever, in all the world, to have done so.

Maybe that’s why we’re so “lucky”, eh Ann?

Maybe you should count yourselves lucky that the Canucks didn’t get greedy 200-odd years ago. We were quite content to merely keep you off our turf; we had no interest in stealing yours. If we were, you might be having to learn French in school today, Ann. And knowing you, with your massive ignorance and incuriosity about anything not immediately under your nose, you’d probably flunk it. Which would put your paltry notion of free speech at a double disadvantage.

As it is, you’re an epic fail, and true free speech–which we do have, and exercise up here, as you’ve no doubt found out to your chagrin (that’s French, Ann, look it up!)–has won the day.

C’est la merde.

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3 Responses to Ann Coulter really hates freedom of speech. Here’s why…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    And it should be remembered that the US refused to recognize Canada as a nation until well into the 20th century.
    Coulter mirrors the general stupidity and rightwing nuttiness of the (white) US population. Stupidity squared. She throws red-meat to the rightwing rabble and makes millions.
    It’s no surprise that Canada didn’t send troops to Vietnam. Did she miss the historical fact that many people fleeing the draft took refuge in Canada. That wouldn’t have happened if Canada backed that terrorist, imperialist war of agression.
    The rightwing meme works by ubiquity and repetition.
    “Everybody knows that we I (the US) has the bestest, most perfect health care system in the world…”
    This is the type of opinion that comes out of people’s mouths–across social classes, but definately tea-party white.
    I used to debate these people, but, as of late, I have come to the conclusion that these people belief what they want to believe, what they internalize through osmossis from the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, and literally thousands of paid propagandists, the cocophany of idiots that take corporate money for the purpose of making the population denfensless victims of pillage.
    As bad as Obama is–you get the picture of the mass-brainwashing he is having to operate in.
    Seriously, the level of ignorance and deep delusion is off the charts down here. It gets wackier the further south one travels.

  2. Yeah, I gathered as much. Didn’t know about the non-recognition, but that rings true, too. Some of them STILL don’t recognize us as anything other than the 51st state.
    BTW, my best friend’s uncle was one of the VERY few Canadians who went to Vietnam. He volunteered with the US army. We got a lot more US draft dodgers than they got Canadian volunteers. The uncle survived the war and came back with a Vietnamese bride.

  3. Jim Hadstate says:

    God, I LOVE this guy! If only the rest of the old media had people with as much backbone and the plain old work-ethic to know their material so that they could back this bitch and Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly and Shaun Hannity and Glenn Beck back into the 13th century where they apparently so desperately long to be.

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