Bad news all around for El NarcoPresidente

In Mexico City, family and friends of the Mexican students killed in Colombia’s illegal bombing of a FARC camp in the Sucumbíos border region of Ecuador two years ago held a protest, calling for Alvaro Uribe to stand trial as a war criminal.

And that’s not all that’s dogging El Narco. He lost his bid to get re-elected, he disgraced himself in Cancún, and now, his popularity at home is dropping:

The popularity of Alvaro Uribe has fallen five points, according to the latest bi-monthly Gallup poll. His personal approval rating is at 63%, down from last December’s rating of 68%.

According to the poll, his disapproval rating rose 4 points and now stands at 29%.

Approval of his performance as president has dropped 5 points, and now stands at 68%.

Another important fact revealed by the poll is the negative perception of Colombians over their healthcare services.

In December, 39% of those polled believed that the quality of healthcare in Colombia was worsening. Today, following the declaration of a social emergency on the part of the government, 59% felt that way.

It can only go downhill from there. Crappy healthcare tends to be something that people remember, and a quick PR campaign can’t make any positive impact there. Mainly because it’s a problem that tends to stick around…unlike reports of mass graves, say. Or seven army bases full of meddling gringos. Think about it–people keep getting sick, getting injured, getting shot (especially that last, in Colombia). If the health system stinks, they find out about it firsthand, and fast.

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4 Responses to Bad news all around for El NarcoPresidente

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Awww! I hate when the monster in the movie gets his comeuppence! NOT!
    And it couldn’t happen to a bigger monster. It’s hard to keep the smile off my face as I am typing this. Maybe Colombia’s indigenous can actually stop living in terror of being murdered by Alvaro’s thugs when he gets booted out.
    And maybe he can actually be transported to The Hague to stand trial for his crimes against humanity. We can only hope.

  2. Mike H says:

    Beginning in 2000, Colombia’s homicide rate has fallen every year from 63/100,000 to 36/100,000. During that same time period Venezuela’s homicide rate has risen from 33/100,000 to 52/100,000.
    So I guess you could say that its statistically safer to live in Colombia than Venezuela. You also have the added bonus of no fuel shortages or electrical blackouts.

  3. Yeah, Mikey, sure, it’s safer. Paramilitaries and artificially tinkered murder rates make it so, no? Extrajudicial killings are also extra-statistical.
    Now fuck off, assclown.

  4. BTW, I just checked Mikey’s IP. He’s not working for ExxtortionMobil, as he claims. He’s in Deerfield, Illinois, and the internet address is that of CF Industries–a FERTILIZER company.
    Yep, artificial manure. Fitting, since that’s what he’s spouting here.

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