Chavecito: The usual suspect

Regular readers may know of my little contretemps in the last couple of weeks with a particularly dense troll who tried to blame the Venezuelan electrical “crisis” (tempest in a teapot, more like) on a certain big fella in a red shirt, instead of the crapitalists who preceded him, and who lacked the vision to foresee higher demand for electrical power (and a need for better maintenance of the existing infrastructure), what with a growing population and all. For those who wonder who this twit took his cues from, here’s a hint:


“No, honey, what a waste of nothing. This electricity thing is all Chávez’s fault, he gave away the rains to Cuba!”

That’s right…he took his cues from Globovisión, the biggest waste of electricity in all Venezuela!

Meanwhile, for those who want to know what’s really up in the electricity thing, here you go. Someone is doing something. And that someone isn’t a privatizer. Which should have Globovisión’s rabid demagogues even more up in arms than usual about the lack of “freedom” for millionaires and billionaires to own the country…

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2 Responses to Chavecito: The usual suspect

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Sent the rain to Cuba! Now THAT really does sound like some rabid rabbiblanco thinking and a great Globovision breathless, ‘ooh, ooh, listen to this’ conspiracy theory to get its morons out in the streets.
    You would think with all the money that they stole from the poor and working classes, they could at least afford an education. Or maybe this IS what passes for education in ‘intellectual’ rabbiblanco circles (now there’s an oxymoron of a statement if there ever was one).

  2. What’s really funny is that they think a degree in economics from the University of Chicago is worth something. STILL.
    It takes a lot of money to buy THAT much stoopid…

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