Cops Behaving Badly: A clear-cut case of police brutality

From what I can gather, these cops were there to break up a brawl in Victoria, BC, a few days ago. But as you can see from what’s happening here, even after the fighting was over, they still felt the apparent need to kick a guy who was already on the ground, NOT resisting arrest. They also kneed him in the kidney, which hurts like hell if you’ve ever been hit there or had a stone or an infection. There is NO justification for this. The prisoner was already subdued.

The incident is now under investigation. Let’s see if they find THIS “justified”. I think they’re gonna find it awfully hard, but I fully expect to hear all kinds of lame excuses.

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4 Responses to Cops Behaving Badly: A clear-cut case of police brutality

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    I agree that it will be interesting to see what the result of the ‘investigation’ is. It seems that anymore, even deadly force is ‘justified’, even when the victim is not resisting. I don’t know if it’s just my perception of things or a distorted sense of ‘the good old days’, but cops seem to be acting more and more outrageously all the time.
    I do remember being brutalized during the demonstrations against the Viet Name war, but time seems to have dulled my recollections. Even so, I recall that after they clubbed you and you fell down or ran off from the demonstration, they left you alone.
    This video is appalling. With the Gestapo like detention and interrogation of Amy Goodman and this, I am beginning to wonder about Canada as a whole. The Canadians I have known would have never tolerated this from their governments.

  2. Jim, we still don’t. We’ve been blindsided, but the momentum is building. One good thing about the Internets–they make it easier for us to hold our leaders (and others in the public eye) accountable for every action and every word. It’s just a matter of enough people getting pissed off to do enough about it.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Police brutality is a big problem.
    I remember the way so many people apologized for the Rodney King beating. Quite sickening.
    Cops are seriously scary. I have a greater chance of being brutalized by cops than civilian criminals. And I am white. Some of the tea-bagger types really badger and molest young hispanics and people of color.
    They function as enforcers for the ruling class. Watch what big men they are when the tables are turned.
    This is not to disparage the decent police that don’t play that shit. This goes without saying. But young white cops are some of the worst.

  4. Yeah…young and dumb and full of testosterone. The one who did the knee-to-the-kidneys thing strikes me as a skinhead type. We have them where I live, too. Saw one loading a shotgun right on the street in front of the cop shop. That blatant swagger sickened me.
    I suspect the only reason I’ve never been beaten up by a cop is because I’m a good-looking woman. And because I always look both ways before I jaywalk.

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