Sean Penn sets Bill Maher straight on Venezuela

The actor/director/activist/journalist talks about Haiti, human rights…and about midway through, Douchebag Bill brings up a “dictator” named “Hewgo Shavezz”. Sean’s answer may surprise many who’ve bought into the same media campaigns as the Douchebag obviously has. For one thing, he can pronounce Chávez.

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6 Responses to Sean Penn sets Bill Maher straight on Venezuela

  1. Manaat says:

    To be fair to Bill, he doesn’t actually call him a dictator, he reports it as what the media calls him, and asks what is it about Chávez that he doesn’t know that he should. Bill Maher is actually one of the more independent minded media personalities in the US, I think. (Though he is also a “putero” as they say in Spanish — I can narrate an actual experience I witnessed involving him related to this).

  2. Well, that all surprises me not in the least–he’s a self-styled libertarian, and they’re all more or less man-whores. (He dated the Coultergeist for a while, too, which proves his taste is atrocious.)
    So, what’s the story?

  3. Manaat says:

    It’s not much of a story — just that we were at a bar where he showed up (this was in LA, near USC: don’t know if you know LA very well, but USC is near the “bad” part of LA) with a whore, was quite drunk. He was apparently lost, and so called someone so they could find them and get him out of there — he kept saying on the phone “we are near the college, we are near the college”, and I think the person on the end of the phone had no clue which college it was.

  4. Sounds totally in character…drunk, dumb and with a hooker.
    PS: Nadi, muchas gracias. Los Pa’ Matala son lo máximo!

  5. Duder says:

    I have friends who went to a new years eve party where Maher showed up with a prostitute (pretty one I was told). Story fits. He’s an ass.

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