Short ‘n’ Stubby: Democracy 1, Crapitalism 0


Ms. Manx is back…with some links from a place you probably never think of unless there’s a Björk song playing on the radio:

An unprecedented referendum was recently held in Iceland, and confirmed that 93% of Icelanders are not stupid when it comes to money. That’s the number that voted against sending any more of their hard-earned kronor out of country to pay for someone else’s market gaming. Can you blame them, when the “repayment” scheme amounts to all Icelanders paying a quarter of their family income for the next eight years to foreigners (British and Dutch bankers) who’ve already robbed them?

The Dutch finance minister, on the other hand, hasn’t heard yet that you can’t get blood out of turnips. Any Dutch-speaking Icelanders out there wanna go explain it to him, especially the part about democracy?

A Briton writing for the Christian Science Monitor is more realistic, saying his country bears responsibility for its role in the crisis. “Interest well above the market rate” is always a flashing warning sign of a Ponzi scheme, but greedy imbeciles think it’s a beacon for their business. They never learn!

Meanwhile, an Icelander writing for the UK Guardian (no doubt trying to reassure Brits that they’ll get their mad money back) calls the vote “theatre of the absurd”. Someone tell her she’s in an extreme minority there. Icelanders, 93% of whom are not stupid, object to their money, their savings, being siphoned off by foreign bankers, who of course are not hurting. (When were they ever? When will they ever be?)

Want to get really, really sick? Read this, and read between the lines. Foreign aid on hold until Iceland cries “Uncle”. Blood, stone, lather, rinse, repeat.

And if you want to know what’s behind it all, read this Alternet piece. If you smell Uncle Miltie’s rotting ideological corpse, pat yourself on the back for having such a good nose.

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