Spot what is wrong with this picture…


One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things just doesn’t belong.

Can you tell me which one is not like the others

By the time I finish this song?

Co-workers say the alleged gunman in a fatal shooting at an Edmonton car dealership on Friday was recently suspended for making racial comments.

Police say a man with a gun walked into Great West Chrysler near Stony Plain Road and 178th Street at about 7:50 a.m. MT and started shooting.

It’s believed he shot and killed one man, shot and wounded another and then turned the gun on himself.

Sources have identified the shooter as Dave Burns, 55, an employee who was recently suspended for making racial comments.

Co-workers say he didn’t get along well with visible minorities, and some went as far as to describe him as a white supremacist.

They also tell CBC News that Burns had a swastika tattooed on his body and had a very hot temper.


“I had known the man for a long time. I just can’t figure out what happened. He just snapped. Something went awry somehow. I know he was very attached to this dealership,” he said.

“We have talked to a lot of people about it and that is what they are all saying. Not when they worked together for years.”

One person who knew Burns from Alberta’s four-by-four vehicle community said that when he heard about the shooting he just couldn’t believe it.

“This was a guy who snapped for no apparent reason. It was not like he was a monster,” said Corey Kruchkowski.

He said Burns helped organize the growing movement in the province to drive off-road vehicles in an environmentally responsible way.

“This guy obviously was an altruistic person in some parts of his personality. If you met him in the years before this happened you would never think that this was someone who could hurt people.”

No, of course you wouldn’t.

And the white supremacist rhetoric, gun nuttery, discomfort around visible minorities, and swastika tattoo were not “apparent reasons”, either.

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2 Responses to Spot what is wrong with this picture…

  1. Richard says:

    Oh well, there goes the Canadian “we’re not like THOSE south of the border barbarians” image.

  2. Well, Alberta always WAS the “special” province…in the “rides a short bus” sense. They think Texas is their model. Never mind those consistently low academic test scores…
    Plus, I suspect, they get the neo-Nazi spillover from Idaho and the like.

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