Stupid Sex Tricks: How NOT to resist arrest


I don’t care how drunk you are or how many Viagra you’ve eaten, guys…this is why you NEVER mistake your cock for a club.

(And remember: Women have teeth for a reason.)

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2 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: How NOT to resist arrest

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Ohh…!! ‘Bina…!! Ouch…!! Sex education in the schools (if we can ever get away from the holy roller, abstinence only crap) should teach the boys about the Lorena Bobbit maneuver. That ought to make them think twice, no matter how little blood is left in their big head, before assaulting any woman.
    Besides, my money is on the side that it wasn’t a club, it was a pencil. A flaccid pencil.

  2. Oh, probably. I’d bet a cocktail wienie, myself.

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