Teh Heterostoopid: Parents to be glad you don’t have

One learns so much about other people’s traumatic upbringings when looking through the ol’ (okay, NEWish) Failbook, does one not?

Here, for example, is someone who’s gonna wonder why her sweet little son suddenly hates her when he hits his teens:


And here is someone else whose misconduct with the neighbor shocked her young daughter so much, the poor dear forgot how to spell, capitalize and punctuate:


And lest you think dads are any better, here’s one whose offspring has probably had to apologize to a lot of random ladies the old man offended at barbecue parties over the years:


And as a special bonus for people you should be glad you’re not related to, here’s Uncle Creepy, who simply must be seen to be believed. But for that, you might want to wait till you’re at home, and have a handy receptacle to throw up in.

PS: And don’t forget good ol’ Grandpa.

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