This just in…Coultergeist and Levant caught in major LIE!


Film at 11! God bless you, Kady O’Malley

Finally, an observation from a CBC reporter who was in the Foyer while Coulter was being interviewed by CTV’s Power Play: At approximately 5:15pm, he overheard a member of her security team tell a Conservative MP that her event “may be cancelled,” which would suggest that the decision to do so was already being considered before more than half the crowd had assembled outside the venue — hopeful speech-goers and protesters alike. Coulter herself, meanwhile, told Cosh that she never actually left the Rideau Club — where she was the guest of honour at a $250 per head private reception — for the university. Given the travel times involved, and the 7:30 pm start time, she would likely have had to do so by 7pm at the latest in order to make it in time.

Oh Ann? I believe you and Ezra Irel Levant now have a golden opportunity to exercise some REAL freedom of speech. Get creative and make it a pretty apology!

ADDENDUM: The U of O weighs in.

Last night, the organizers themselves decided at 7:50 p.m. to cancel the event and so informed the University’s Protection Services staff on site. At that time, a crowd of about one thousand people had peacefully gathered at Marion Hall.

“Freedom of expression is a core value that the University of Ottawa has always promoted,” said Allan Rock, President of the University. “We have a long history of hosting contentious and controversial speakers on our campus. Last night was no exception, as people gathered here to listen to and debate Ann Coulter’s opinions.

I encourage our students, faculty and other members of our community to maintain our University as an open forum for diverse opinions. Ours is a safe and democratic environment for the expression of views, and we will keep it that way.”

Please note that this is the University of Ottawa’s official statement and no further comments will be issued.

I’m sure the decision was actually made much sooner, but only announced at 7:50 to the university authorities. Charming how these free-screechers always keep their word, no?

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2 Responses to This just in…Coultergeist and Levant caught in major LIE!

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    God, ‘Bina! How can we import Canada whole cloth into the US. With just a few brains, you guys routed the Queen Bitch of Fox News right out of the city. And she has no excuse. She simply couldn’t match intelligence with people who actually had some common sense. God! What has become of Yale. First W and now the Coulter.

  2. Isn’t it hilarious? U of O did NOTHING to her. She simply preferred to remain at her booze-soaked fundraising dinner, probably getting leglessly drunk, too. And then SHE chickened, and good ol’ Ezra was left to crank the Mighty Wurlitzer all by his widdle wonesome.
    It would be pathetic if it weren’t so goddamned funny.

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