Venezuelan dictator to shut down Internet!


Um. Actually, that should read: Venezuelan DEMOCRAT to make good use of Internet!

President Hugo Chávez announced during his Sunday program that he would “open a trench on the Internet”, referring to a blog, and that he would write it from Miraflores and use it to inform “millions” in Venezuela and throughout the world about his government.

“Over there in Miraflores Palace, I can get a computer, a web page, and communicate with millions, not only in Venezuela but all over the world,” said Chávez.

“I’ll have my own trench on the internet, my battle-trench on the web,” he added, amid applause. “I assure you I’ll send out lots of information–I signed this, I’m signing that, I’m discussing, I spoke to this person, I spoke to another,” he said.

“This will be a bombardment of things. We’re already organizing for a bombardment of responses, even from the enemy. Let them take their best shot at me, I’ll fire back at them, battle is battle, assault is assault,” he added, promising that his blog would be “a monster”.

Translation mine.

Memo to all the flea-screech concern trolls out there: You can stop your fucking screaming already. And don’t get cutesy about it either–that’s even more pathetic. Go challenge the man directly, if you think your sorry fool ass can stand the walloping.

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