What’s wrong with the CBC of late?

Let Humberto da Silva explain it to you, he knows:

Some time ago, I was dismayed by a lousy piece of CBC reporting on the situation in Venezuela, and now I know it’s not my imagination, nor is it a coincidence, that CBC sounded virtually indistinguishable from any right-wing channel you could name when it came to Latin America. There really HAS been a shift to the right, and even my favorite (and formerly fair and honest) broadcaster has fallen victim to it, largely because right-wing hands now hold the budgetary choke chain on the nation’s watchdog, and they are pulling it tight.

(Muchas gracias, Emily Dee)

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  1. Elisa says:

    I think it may be because Harper put in a Consrvative head honcho.in the CBC.
    I noticed it, also.

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