Canadian comedy is eerily prescient–and better than US news

Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall anticipates Glenn Beck, back when the latter was still mumbling drunkenly behind a 7-11 store somewhere. Keitho (when he’s on, he’s really really on) points out the eerie parallels.

And yes, the paranoid hysteria is being whipped up against Russia again, and “killer bees” (i.e. the Latin American left, which was always independent of Moscow–and yes, even Cuba had its squabbles with Teh Russkies). So this is even more eerily prescient than even Dave and Keitho could know.

See, this is why we export so many comedians to the US. We could export political commentators, too; trust me, when Jon Stewart is their number-one newsman, they’d never know!

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2 Responses to Canadian comedy is eerily prescient–and better than US news

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    OMG! OMG! I used to LOVE that show and I remembered that episode after it started to run. And you’re right. He is so like Glenn Beck in that sketch that it is absolutely frightening. What creative forces must someone feel to write and produce something so eerily prescient is spooky. And I like what Dave said about Canada, that it was “…we (Canadians) were proudly socialist. That we were more afraid of you guys (The US) than the Russians.” What a way to wrap up the week. See how much hate mail you get from the Beckians. It should be funny.

  2. LOL! The Beck-Nazis will probably insist that this is from RIGHT NOW, and how DARE we make fun of their Dear Leader! It really is uncanny how much Foley’s nutty newsman looks like him–blond brushcut, saucer eyes, lunacy exuding from every pore…he even does one of Beck’s stupid stunts with a frightened colleague!
    But I think Foley’s real genius lies in that he’d seen that sort of thing before. Right-wing Aryanesque demagogues in the US media, ranting and raving about Russians? Shit, that’s as old as Joe McCarthy’s shrivelled liver. It was old already when he came up with that sketch, which may be why it made so many people laugh the first time ’round. And of course, the fall of the USSR never really happened, in RightWingWackoLand, so this would have been a pretty accurate portrayal of the kind of shit Rush Limbaugh was spouting at that very time.

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