Don’t be too surprised…

…if someone in Europe tries to blame the volcanic ash problem on a scapegoat who couldn’t possibly have done it:


“How much longer is Chávez going to screw us?”

(In all seriousness, some people really ARE stupid enough to suggest things like this.)

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4 Responses to Don’t be too surprised…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, I couldn’t decide if it was Chavez or Castro–or if the two colluded to activate this volcano.
    Then I got to thinking that, since Evo is indigenous, maybe he is the one that could most readily put to work the type of magic required with this act of nature terror.
    By the way, Evo was on Democracy Now! yesterday. Funny how a small radio show like DN makes the corporate media, and Public Corporate Media, look so utterly incompetent.
    It’s the values that give impetus to the work that makes all the difference. Whorshiping and seeking profit as the end-goal is thouroughly squalid and ugly.

  2. Polaris says:

    On the western side of the pond, radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh and his self-described talent on loan from God has blamed Iceland’s volcanic eruption on healthcare passage in the United States.

  3. mondongo y chelita says:

    just curious, what are your thoughts on our President’s (Evo) statements re: chickens?

  4. Mondongo, if I understand this correctly, it appears that Evo was talking about meat contaminated with growth hormones. I’m with him on that–we don’t allow hormones in our meat or poultry here in Canada. They could cause cancer and a host of other illnesses; in any case, they’re not necessary. The only people who could possibly benefit from the use of them are those who run big drug companies.
    Now, as to the question of whether such hormones cause homosexuality, I’d have to say categorically that the answer is no. My best friend is gay and it obviously wasn’t the result of contaminated meat; if it were, his two younger brothers would be too, and they’re not. Growth hormones don’t cause masculinization of females or feminization of males, either; they just accelerate overall physical growth, and make a creature larger than it would otherwise be. Sex hormones are different entities altogether, and again, they don’t change an existing sexual orientation, although they can modify gender appearance somewhat. They can’t turn a straight woman into a lesbian or a straight man gay. Gender preferences in partners remain the same even if a person has a complete sex change. So if a man took hormone therapy to become a woman, and he preferred women before, he’s going to go on preferring them as a transgender lesbian, say. In other words, the gender thing is a bit of a misconception.
    I think, though, that Evo’s main argument was that genetically and hormonally modified foods aren’t healthy. And like I said, I’m totally with him on that one. I grow my own organic produce at home, and part of the reason is that I don’t trust a lot of what’s on store shelves anymore. I don’t know if a store-bought tomato is still a tomato, or if it’s had genes from some other organism spliced in. And we really don’t know yet what the full health effects of GMO crops are. But we do know that organic, unmodified food is nutritionally better, and better for the environment, too. And since Evo’s one of the strongest environmentalists I’ve seen among world leaders, I imagine that’s what he was really talking about.

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