Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito inaugurates another well

And this time, it’s a gas well in the Gulf of Venezuela:

Another example of co-operation between the state petrochemical company, PDVSA, and foreign private industry. And they said it couldn’t be done. Suck it, haters. Mixed-economy socialism at work, with no tyranny in sight. See what happens when companies learn to play nice, instead of getting all hoggy?

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11 Responses to Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito inaugurates another well

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, Chavez and authentic socialist revolution will always be in the crosshairs among people that really do enjoy unearned and oppressive ‘priviledge’ over other human beings.
    Check out what “Oil Wars” has become as of late. Nothing but a decontextualized hate-fest. As that particular blogger has always been a six-figure man, income-wise, it is not too surprising. But there was once a time when that blogger acutally touched upon acutal oil wars waged by the empire–as well as he once justified resistence.
    Now that blog simply repeats the concern-trolling, rumors, and decontextualized propaganda of the oligarchy and its rightwing minions.
    The bottomline is that you can understand people’s vested class interests on what they choose to ignore and the myths they promote.
    When th

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    One common denominator among the US-based psuedo-intellectual turncoats is that they really have a deep hatred of Eva Golinger.
    The bulk of her analysis is sound, but these guys (OW and the ‘authentic’ journalist Obama-whorshiper) absolutely will not challenge Golinger in a point-by-point debate, of course. They will, however, throw some redmeat to their tight-ass, middle class followers, whipping them up into a frenzy of hate and exaggeration.
    There ar

  3. Amigo, it looks like you got cut off there–twice. Whatever caused that, I hope it gets fixed.
    And yeah, I haven’t been back to Oil Wars in a long time. First the trolls took it over, and then OW himself turned into one. Was bound to happen; that much bile over time can eat a person away. He used to have good stuff there. Pity.

  4. Wren says:

    I checked out Oil Wars as Slave Revolt suggested. When a blogger, that professes expertise in energy resources, fails to mention why a country that depends so much on hydroelectric power generation might need to develop more hydrocarbon based electric power capacity because they are being hit with a severe drought and instead tries to blame the government of said country for lack of planning, I think you can just dismiss said blogger.

  5. Yeah, I began doing so right around the time OW turned on Chavecito. And happily, I had learned Spanish in the meantime, so I didn’t miss a thing. I just went straight to the Venezuelan indymedia and public media, and found out the facts for myself. Saved me a lot of trying-to-keep-things-straight!

  6. Wren says:

    Addendum: A simple Google News search for PDVSA gives a Reuters report on this that seems very informative, balanced AND mentions the DROUGHT as well as the reliance on Columbia as reasons for the natural gas exploration

  7. Yeah, sometimes Reuters actually surprises me by doing its homework. Chavecito also opened up a couple of thermo-electric plants, which should soon be picking up the slack. When you consider that just one dam, the Guri, provides anywhere from 70 to 80% of the total electric power in Venezuela, you know they need to spread their generating capacity around a bit. The Guri’s a mighty big station, and an excellent one when conditions are normal, but in an El Niño year like this past one, obviously that’s not going to be the case.
    I should also add that Chavecito actually refused Colombia’s offer to sell “surplus” power to Venezuela, because he knew damn well that they too are drought-stricken, and therefore have a shortage. Even the Colombian media have noted that there are widespread outages, mostly in poor areas. So it was cynical of Uribe to make such an offer, and a real stab in the heart for his own people. Chavecito’s been better to them than their own president has.

  8. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, no, OW and his rightwing minions did not curtail my typing in the above two posts, LOL. My great little compact ‘netbook’ has a freaking cursor that moves around without my having any say in the matter. So sometimes this shit just happens.
    As I am often dog tired when I have the opprotunity to post a comment, I just say “eff it”. The moving cursor writes, and having written, moves on…(to fuck me up and aggravate me later).
    But it is sad to see what a pure wanker OW as become. Now his comment template requires one to register and log-in–two behaviors that I am allergic to.
    Mr. Authenticity’s blog incorporates the same types of censorship technologies.
    For activist websites that solicit donations: it doesn’t pass the smell test to not prominently feature a full accounting of the fund-raising mechanics.
    Salaries, expenses, etc.—why are these so secret on an ‘authentic journalism’ website that has reader funding as its model?
    These questions cannot be even broached.
    Mr. Authenticity went from being pretty good at expanding North Americans’ view of the Americas–now he parrots the talking points and the Obama cheerleading of the pro-corporate liberal establishment in the US.
    Some establishment, anti-socialist Liberals give Al-authenticity thousands of dollars every month, and he structures his reporting in ways that keep his base happy.
    What a total fake-ass.
    Above all, I despise censorship on blogs and forums that pretend to respect free discussion and freedom of speech.
    There are a good many rightwingers that act as though they are progressive. There are merely Liberal reformists.
    Follow the money.

  9. Yeah, I figured you were having Technical Difficulties there. LOL.
    As for me, my needs are simple and few. I don’t have a worldwide audience of crapaganda-lappers to satisfy with the ongoing saga of how the Brothers Castro are supposedly oppressing me, so, unlike Yoani Sánchez, I don’t need the CIA buying me a dedicated server in Germany and furnishing a translation service (how many languages at last count? Damn, but that shit’s expensive!) Maybe I won’t win any weblog awards, but then again, who picks candidates for those things? And what are their criteria? Questions, questions.
    I’m not opposed to donations per se, but I do think, as you say, that they color the content of what comes out if the blog author is trying to please a given audience and keep that cash rolling. It’s very tempting…and very insidious. And thus, very hard to resist doing.
    Plus there’s the fact that greed tends to slide people ever more and more to the right. It’s a fact which I’ve observed often in a lot of writers (see Vargas Llosa, see Petkoff) who start out leftist, then move to the “safer” ground marked “liberal”, before becoming downright conservative in their old age. They follow the money, for sure…and it leads them by the ends of their noses to do what they used to abhor when their consciences were unclouded. It always winds up making them into insufferable pricks.

  10. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, as long as the donations are above board, and are open for public review, I don’t have too much of a problem with it.
    Everyone needs to support themselves financially. But, as you say, with affluence comes a predictable move to the rightwing. Power impacts the flow of discourse and ideas, no doubt.
    I feel like a bit of a chump because I gave Al and Narco a couple of hundred bucks during the election–only to be censored repeatedly as he secured his wealthy, pro-Obama funding base.
    The low point was his crappy coverage of the Honduran coup and the way he repeatedly gave Obama a pass on this repression. When he started attacking Eva Golinger–well, I knew that he had moved to the rightwing of the Democratic Party.
    What a total fake ass.
    I have my suspicions about his authentic journalism school, and what some of his ulterior motives might be (female-wise). But I have no evidence.
    It is certainly interesting the actual dearth of timely reporting about crucial issues relating to the Americas that occurs over there, given the of ‘authentic journalists’ that have graduated.
    His organization is run top-down, with very little in the way of democratic decision making.
    Lastly, he stays away from discussing Noam Chomsky, which is weird given the importance of Chomsky and Herman’s propaganda model for assessing corporate media behavior.
    Enough on this, I will not harp. Actions speak louder than words and the proof is always in the pudding.
    If you need periodic donations to help sustain your work, please feel free to ask. I have no problem helping sustain good writing and astute, pro-human analysis.
    The fact is that most of the fake intellectuals in the US assiduously avoid US imperialism, critiques of patriarchy, or the role of crapitalism in degrading our ecological health.
    Don’t mind disagreeing with you when I have reason to take issue with any of your positions. But, we concur in the general thrusts of our unique ideologies.
    More, I enjoy a spirited and honest debate.
    That doesn’t happen when the blog-master doesn’t allow critical comments to be posted. That makes a controversial blog a stale project, full of group-think and mee-tooism. Nasty shit that ain’t worth the time.
    Also, I would encourage you to let a few of the loonies keep posting comments—anyone with honesty and a brain can see with pathetic, brainwashed stooges these people really are. It’s fun to see folks intellectually pummel these turds.

  11. It is, up to a point. But one does get tired of playing referee in a shit fight. One also gets tired of flinging poo back to the monkey that flung it. I occasionally keep one around a bit beyond the three-strike limit if it amuses me to do so, but the amusement usually palls very fast. Most of them aren’t willing to engage in a real debate, they just came here to lecture and to pick on what they think is a frail, vulnerable woman. Their language is a dead giveaway; it’s all sexist head-pats and paternalistic “aren’t you cute” shit. And of course, all the other insults to my intelligence that go with the territory. I don’t play that game. I am not their little whipping-girl. I’d much prefer to move on–and shovel the shit out onto the manure pile where it belongs. It stinks up the carpet and the drapes, y’know!

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